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Horror Story: Woman's Infection Caused by Bees Living in Her Eye

(Photo by Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

For those whose day has lacked any truly disturbing news:


What was originally thought to be an eye infection turned out to be something far worse.

Instead of treating an infection, doctors at the University Hospital in Taiwan were shocked to find four bees embedded in the eye of a 29-year-old Taiwanese woman named He.

The bees were reportedly feeding on her tear ducts under her swollen eyelids, according to CTS News.

This brief story reads like something out of a Stephen King novel and is even creepier for people who are allergic to bees, which I am.

The woman had been weeding a family grave site, just the kind of place where these sweat bees nest, according to the doctor who treated her.

His casual description of what happened adds to the “Yikes!” factor:

“I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies,” Dr. Hung said.

There is some video at the original link for anyone who is on a diet and looking for an effective way to curb appetite.