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HuffPost Tries to Sway Susan Collins' Kavanaugh Vote With Insults

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

The writing is on the wall even for the most progressive progressives:

As the left descends into abject panic over the knowledge that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice no matter how many children they exploit or how many Handmaid’s Tale costumes they trot out, some are trying new tactics to sway a Republican swing vote.

The Huffington Post has decided to go with dire warnings and insults.

In an op-ed titled “For Susan Collins, A Vote For Kavanaugh Would Be Political Suicide,” the author is all over the place.

His panicky premise is this:

And, for her entire career, Collins has appeared to be truly committed to a pro-abortion rights position.

Why, then, are there rumors that she is considering a vote to support the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court when there is clear evidence that he would provide the deciding vote to overturn or severely curtail women’s rights to an abortion, take away access to health care for millions, and has written that presidents shouldn’t be held accountable for criminal acts while in office?

He then lists three reasons why Collins might vote for the incredibly qualified Kavanaugh, the first being “perhaps she is more gullible than an experienced senator has the right to be.”

Winning hearts and minds the way only leftists can.

It’s not all insults. The author also engages in a lot of wishful thinking:

A blue wave is building for the 2018 midterms. It is likely to do nothing but intensify in the buildup to 2020, when Trump himself will be on the ballot. Every day brings new outrages from the White House that are repugnant to swing voters ― and especially the women ― of states like Maine. This year, Democratic turnout is setting records.  By 2020, Democratic mobilization efforts will be at a fever pitch.

Settle down there, Sparky. See if the wave happens first. A lot of people aren’t sure about that. I would say that the fact she will have been in the Senate for 24 years at that point might make her think about retirement, but we know that all senators now want to stay in office until they’re 112.

Except for Jeff Flake, of course, who had to leave because his own constituents loathed him and he knew a year out he wouldn’t survive a primary.

The thing with Collins is that her vote is always a crap shoot. Sometimes she seems like a dutiful Republican, and other times she is quite often the vote that sinks them. Back when Olympia Snowe was still in office they used to sort of trade off on the anti-party votes. That gave them a little cover. With John McCain’s seat being filled by Jon Kyl, Collins is going to be in an even bigger spotlight.