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It's 'Stormy Daniels Day' in Trump-Hating West Hollywood

It's 'Stormy Daniels Day' in Trump-Hating West Hollywood
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West Hollywood, CA — the Los Angeles neighborhood known primarily for its gay male population — has finally found a girl to love.

And she has a job!

As a long time (until recently) resident of the City of Angels, I can assure you that the City of West Hollywood would abandon any pretense to its italicized “Respect and Support for People” were you to walk down Santa Monica Blvd wearing an NRA t-shirt or anything proclaiming your pro-life beliefs.

That Stormy Daniels is a profile in courage for the government of West Hollywood is indicative of just how ridiculous the #Resist movement has become. I’m not saying that it wasn’t ridiculous to begin with, mind you, just that it’s in a bit of a toilet swirl now.

This allegedly principled resistance movement began as a temper tantrum that hoped it might be able to overturn the election results. It’s gone from a focus on proving that President Trump colluded with a foreign government to get elected to hoping that a presidency can be brought down because POTUS had an extra-marital affair.

This coming from the side of the aisle that brought us JFK and Bill Clinton.

This is an awkward position for any Democrat to be in. For much of Bill Clinton’s presidency we were told that concern over a president’s sex life was prudish and none of our business. And that was over a president who was dirtying up the Oval Office with his affair. This was reinforced ad nauseam by the Hollywood types who support Democrats.

Congratulations, kids, your constant push to make secular hedonism mainstream worked. Good luck with using a decade-old affair to topple a presidency.

Hitching an entire movement’s wagon to a porn star should seem problematic to anyone but, hey, desperate tantrums call for desperate measures.

We keep hearing about the great legal case that Daniels has against President Trump. Her attorney Michael Avenatti keeps telling us that in one of  his eighty or ninety daily Trump-bashing appearances on CNN and/or MSNBC. Avenatti is so busy being a television lawyer these days that he doesn’t seem to have time to pay his real lawyer bills.

I’m really not going to have much of a shocked face if further irregularities surrounding Avenatti surface. There would probably be more already if the MSM weren’t agenda-driven against Trump.

As for West Hollywood, this Stormy Daniels Day should help it to not focus on the meth all around it for few hours.

#Resist, indeed.

Resist reality.

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