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Just in Time for Christmas: Rosie O'Donnell's Top 10 Tax Bill Meltdown Tweets

(Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)

If you’ve ever wondered what a nervous breakdown in social media form looks like, a quick perusal of Rosie O’Donnell’s Twitter timeline on any given day is the best place to look. Wealthy, dumb, and having lots of time to kill, Rosie often shares every tortured, ill-conceived thought that pops into her tiny brain. The current battle over, and subsequent passage of, the tax bill in Congress has really brought out Ms. O’s crazy, however.

For example:

Seems like a rational response, right? Legislators are about to pass something perfectly legal but since she doesn’t like it, it’s a crime.

O’Donnell’s timeline in the last twenty four hours alone is filled with enough screed and vitriol to last most people a social media lifetime. As we are nearing the end of the year and Top 10 lists are popular, I will attempt to pick out the 10 most hysterical (crazy, not funny) tweets of Rosie’s since last night. Fair warning–I may get a headache and bail half-way through, and the world will have to be content with a Top 5 list. (The tweets with f-bombs will be screen shot and blurred but there are some language warnings for some of the others.)

1) In The Beginning…

This is how she kicked things off late Tuesday night:

Over on our Hot Mic live blog today, our own Vodkapundit wondered if Rosie might be eligible for arrest for attempting to bribe members of the United States Senate. It’s a happy Christmastime thought, but it probably won’t happen.


I think she’s serious:

It’s always important to personalize political squabbles and hate people you’ve never met. Just ask the founding fathers.

3) Spelling and Punctuation are for Common People

I know it’s Twitter but, come on, “Rachel Meadow”? Also, who knew that Susan Collins moonlights as a murderous gender traitor? Those Maine winters must be lonely.

4) This Will Only Give Her More Time to Murder People!

Clearly, Rosie hasn’t thought through the consequences of giving Senator Collins extra free time. DON’T GO IN THE WOODS, PEOPLE OF MAINE!

5) Still Searching for One Liberal Who Understands Percentages

Whoever this guys is that Rosie retweeted knows the definition of “quintile” but doesn’t understand that someone with a billion dollars will have a larger tax cut in dollars than someone with $100,000. If you’ve ever wondered why they want to foist Common Core on the kids, this kind of nonsense is it.


I have no idea either. She must have needed a breather.

7) We Certainly Think A Lot Of Ourselves

Here’s how our gal Rosie views this Twitter rant war of hers:

Yeah, she’s totally Gandhi now. You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

8) This Is Her Happy Face

She kinda looks angry even when she’s smiling. Just sayin’…

9) Hey, Her Friends Are Super Nice Too

“We care, so we’re advocating physical assault.”

10) Whoa, She Just Unwittingly Described Democrats

Give ’em a little, and they will always want more.

No surprise that the saner people among us don’t want to fund a gravy train for the Left.

Here’s hoping that Rosie gets some rest and wakes up refreshed and behaving like she’s less in need of electroshock therapy.

I’m going to go double-check all the locks in my house so I can make sure Susan Collins doesn’t kill me in my sleep.