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David Brock Wants to Build Koch-Like Network for the Left

David Brock Wants to Build Koch-Like Network for the Left
David Brock (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

Good luck with that…

Hillary Clinton’s attack dog David Brock is launching his own Koch-brothers-like donor network to finance attacks on President-elect Donald Trump and to rebuild the political left after Trump’s stunning victory over Clinton last week.

Brock on Thursday night emailed more than 200 of the biggest donors on the left — including finance titans George Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman — inviting them to a retreat in Palm Beach over inauguration weekend to assess what Democrats did wrong in 2016, figure out how to correct it and raise cash for those initiatives.

“This will be THE gathering for Democratic donors from across the country to hear from a broad and diverse group of leaders about the next steps for progressives under a Trump Administration,” Brock wrote to the donors in an email obtained by POLITICO.

The retreat, planned as the first in a series of regular gatherings, will feature appearances by an array of Democratic elected officials, operatives and liberal thinkers and group officials, Brock explained in an interview.

It will be most interesting to see what comes of this gathering. There is a greater chance for introspection among the money people than with the crowds they pay to stir up.

Still, Brock is a firebrand and it’s highly possible that all that will emerge from this is a well-organized and well-funded anti-Trump tantrum. That, of course, wouldn’t be too different from what has been going on anyway.

It’s a little odd that Brock is trying to gather the biggest money men on the left to organize a network. Weren’t they one already?

This gathering should give everyone an inkling of whether there will be any responsibility taken by the Democrats for their horrible candidate, or if they will just keep on blaming anything but her. Brock is a Hillary guy through and through, so it’s not likely that acknowledging her flaws is going to come easy.

Steyer prefers to focus his money on climate hysteria, which probably won’t resonate with any of the voters Democrats didn’t seem to know existed until last week.

The Democrats definitely won’t be short on funds while they regroup, but they weren’t in the poor house for this election either. They have to know where to spend the money. If it all stays on the coasts, we’ll know they haven’t figured anything out yet.