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Hardcore Trump Critic Bill Maher Invites President-elect to be on 'Real Time'

Hardcore Trump Critic Bill Maher Invites President-elect to be on 'Real Time'
(Photo by Casey Curry/Invision/AP)

Only if there’s arm wrestling too.

Bill Maher, in his first appearance since the stunning electoral victory of the man he’s long derided as a racist, tax cheat, whiny little bitch and orange-faced son of an orangutan, invited that very man to appear as his guest on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. “It took me eight years to get Obama,” said a not-very-convincing Maher. “Maybe he’ll come on.”

Comparing Trump to Kim Kardashian, Maher told his guests tonight that the GOP candidate’s victory “takes some sort of talent, and maybe we should recognize that. Because we lost.”

Maher opened tonight’s Real Time to a standing ovation. “Well,” said the seemingly resigned host during the season finale’s opening moments, “we tried.”

Maher can be very irritating, but throughout his career, he has never shied away from engaging people he doesn’t agree with politically. Many people forget that he was the one who made Ann Coulter a television regular back in the days when he hosted “Politically Incorrect.”

It will be interesting to see this play out in the coming years. Barack Obama has been a late-night show darling, but Donald Trump has more television experience than he does. He may not shy away from things like this just because he’s president. Of course, the other hosts may not have Maher’s chutzpah. He’s a pure television animal and won’t let personal feelings get in the way of ratings gold. The hosts who have also been excoriating the now president-elect might not have the emotional fortitude to face him once he becomes the most powerful man on Earth.