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Progressive Writer Warns Against 'Normalization' of Trump's Family

Progressive Writer Warns Against 'Normalization' of Trump's Family
(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

The media, both old and new, is still grappling with their waning influence after the inability to will the thoroughly unlikable Hillary Clinton to victory. Bitterness doesn’t begin to describe what they’re exhibiting at the moment. After all, they thought all they would have to do for the next four years was bark “Historic!” and “Sexism!” as needed and little else.

Now they’re going to have to work.

Former Mother Jones writer Tasneem Raja gave us a glimpse into the pathological overreaction that isn’t likely to get any better soon when she tweeted this:

To make things easier for you here’s the tweet to which she’s referring (saved you a click):

Raja, who no doubt fancies herself as tolerant and hates Donald Trump because she thinks he isn’t, wants to make sure that the public not view any of his family as good. Or normal. Or human.

It is a cardinal sin in the leftmedia to treat anyone who isn’t approved with dignity or respect, even the grandchildren of the man who will be the next president of the United States. In fact, you’re supposed to “be on alert” for any attempts to try and make the children or their mother seem likable.

Because Tasneem Raja doesn’t agree with Donald Trump’s politics.

Be alert for smug leftists who want to demonize anyone violating prescribed thought protocols.

They can ruin freedom in an instant.