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If Wife Approves, Curt Schilling Will Challenge Elizabeth Warren in 2018


Former star major-league pitcher and conservative firebrand Curt Schilling said Tuesday that he’s made up his mind and will challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for her Senate seat in 2018.

“I’ve made my decision,” he said, according to Ted Nesi of WPRI. “I’m going to run. But — but — I haven’t talked to Shonda, my wife.”

Schilling has flirted with a political run for years, having been floated as a potential candidate since his retirement after the conclusion of his big-league career in 2008. The pitcher has also expressed interest in running for president.

Rule number one, even if you’re famous: clear it with your wife.

Since Schilling has been pondering this for a while, there’s a good chance that he and the lovely missus have talked about it. Massachusetts may be extraordinarily liberal, but Schilling is a folk hero to the Red Sox fans. His kind of celebrity might just be the thing to effectively combat the Senate’s most prominent fake Native-American.

The big problems facing politicians of a minority party in a state that’s been dominated by the other for decades are generally public awareness and fundraising, neither of which will be a worry for Schilling. He can’t get steamrolled by a superior war chest that spends money to negatively define him for the public.

Schilling’s bluntness should also make for a fun campaign against an incumbent who lied her way into office.

If you’re weary of this election, you can emotionally check out now and bookmark this race for your future entertainment pleasure.