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Charles Koch: Trump/Hillary Choice Like Voting for 'Cancer or Heart Attack'

Charles G. Koch (AP Images)

He’s pretty clear about this.

This is a lengthy and interesting (he always is) interview covering a variety of topics, from innovation to anthropogenic climate change and, of course, the hot mess that is the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The whole thing is worth a read, but here is the Q&A relating to the election (interviewer’s questions in italics):

I want to come back to the anti-innovation point but before we do, since we’re on politics can you talk about what you see in the current presidential election?

Yeah, I see two people that as of this point, we’re not supporting.

But the day may come where you have to make a choice, for one of them.

Why do I have to? Are you going to put a gun to my head?

No, but I can tell from talking to you that you’re a conscientious citizen who will want to cast a vote in November.

But if I had to vote for cancer or heart attack, why would I vote for either?

Koch then makes a couple of quick points about policy disagreements with Trump and dispels a press rumor that he might support Hillary. The interviewer quickly realizes he won’t be tricking Koch into a “Gotcha!” moment regarding the election, so he moves back to business talk.

If you’re ambivalent, undecided or sick of the whole election season, all you have to do now is tell people that you’re supporting the same candidate as the Koch brothers.

That should buy you just enough time to leave the conversation.