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Rupert Murdoch Loves Brexit Result; 'Like a Prison Break'

(Rex Features via AP Images)

Via The Wrap:

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is very happy about the Brexit decision.

In his first public remarks since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, Murdoch called the decision “wonderful.” Murdoch owns several news organizations in the U.K., including The Sun, The Times and Sky News.

Murdoch spoke at a Times CEO summit on Tuesday where Ed Conway, editor of Sky News and a columnist at The Times, tweeted some of his boss’ remarks.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Murdoch said of the vote to leave. “We’ve got to decide in this country who we are. We made a momentous decision last Thurs… It’s a bit like a prison break.”

The mogul also said, “It’s time for change. I just hope the right people give the right leadership.”

So much for the “it’s only dumb poor people who don’t understand economics who supported Brexit” theory. Murdoch probably has a more financially vested interest in the economic health of Britain than all of the London millennials who have been gnashing their teeth since last week combined. Murdoch also blamed the market panic in the immediate aftermath of the vote on the “Remain” people.

That panic, by the way, has already begun to calm down and reverse itself.