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One Bogus Charge Against Videographer in Planned Parenthood Sting Is Dismissed

(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Via the Washington Times:

A Texas judge on Monday dismissed one of the charges brought up against David Daleiden, who spearheaded the undercover video investigation into Planned Parenthood’s alleged fetal parts trafficking.

Mr. Daleiden, who heads the Center for Medical Progress, was indicted in January by a Texas grand jury on two charges related to the undercover video investigation.

The first charge, a misdemeanor, was brought due to his attempt to buy human tissue illegally as a part of the undercover investigation. The second charge, a felony related to tampering with governmental records, stemmed from his use of a fake ID throughout the course of the investigation.

The charge regarding the attempted procurement of fetal tissue was dropped on Monday night by a judge in Harris County, Texas. The second charge is still pending under a different judge.

The Center for Medical Progress praised Judge Diane Bull for dismissing the “bogus” charge, which it said is the “latest confirmation that the indictments from a runaway grand jury in Houston were a politically-motivated sham all along.”

The purpose of this political grandstanding by a supposedly impartial grand jury was never to actually punish Daleiden — that would have just been a happy by-product for them. It was, as are most things with leftists, all about narrative building. The videos were damning, exposing the Planned Parenthood hierarchy as being monstrous to the general public. The actions were indefensible, so it was necessary to discredit the video and its maker in any way possible. First, they got the sympathetic press to begin putting the “selective editing” lie in peoples’ heads. Part two involved making Daleiden look like a criminal. After all, if he was doing something illegal to obtain the video, it is easy to believe that he doctored them, right?

And it worked. It always works. It’s like a defense attorney saying something that he or she knows the judge will strike from the record but making it stick in the jury’s minds anyway.

News of Daleiden’s indictment was splashed all over every prominent MSM outlet in America. News of this charge’s dismissal isn’t. The indictment already achieved its purpose.