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Religion of Peace Adherent Burns Daughter Alive for Eloping


A woman in Pakistan burned her 17-year-old daughter alive on Wednesday to punish her for marrying against the family’s wishes, the latest in a series of so-called “honor killings” that claim the lives of nearly 1,000 women every year in the conservative Muslim country.

Police say Zeenat Rafiq’s mother, Parveen, tied her to a cot and drenched her with kerosene before lighting her on fire. Neighbors in the congested, working-class neighborhood in the eastern city of Lahore came running when they heard the screams, but family members kept them from entering the house, said Nighat Bibi, who lives nearby.

The police eventually arrived and found the charred body near a staircase. They arrested the mother soon thereafter.

You are all more than welcome to join me over here as I wait for an outcry from American progressives about this very real #WarOnWomen that occurs nonstop in Muslim-dominated countries.

Yes, I plan on being here awhile.

At this point, I honestly can’t tell if the problem with the American left failing to acknowledge the evil of fundamental Islam is one of sheer stupidity (which I never discount when pondering progressive motives) or if they are so consumed by their hatred for Americans who disagree with them that they have no interest in anything else. Whichever it is, their suspension of disbelief when they spin the “it’s just a fringe” tale endangers everyone in the free world.

Also, it isn’t at all phobic to worry about what would happen were the earnest Islamic fundamentalists to succeed in bringing their 9th century worldview to the West.

It’s sane.