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Reluctant Trump-Supporting Republicans Deal with Judge Comments

From The New York Times:

Democratic leaders nationwide sought to exact a political price from Republican officials and candidates on Monday for continuing to support Donald J. Trump after his explosive remarks challenging the objectivity of judges with Mexican or Muslim backgrounds.

In an unusually coordinated series of attacks leveled from congressional offices and the Senate floor, in state capitols and sidewalk protests, Democrats excoriated Mr. Trump as racist and demanded that Republicans either stand behind his comments or condemn him and even rescind endorsements of his candidacy.

Democrats received unexpected ammunition from Mr. Trump himself, who, in an extraordinary conference call with allies on Monday, urged them to defend his criticisms of a federal judge’s Mexican heritage — and then rebuked his campaign staff for having suggested otherwise.

Mr. Trump’s doggedness, and his chastisement of his own aides, contributed to a sense of powerlessness among Republicans who said they increasingly saw no way to influence Mr. Trump’s behavior or to convince him that his actions could hurt the party in competitive House, Senate and governor’s races.

The press is just beginning to drool over the beginnings of Phase II of its Trump coverage. Phase I was the classic lure portion of every presidential election year, where it dupes one Republican into thinking that they like him and may actually be fair.

Phase II is always the blood-in-the-water attack phase.

Even on the occasions when Trump may not say something ridiculous, the MSM will spin it as such. Then every Republican in or seeking office will be asked about it.

Trump will of course make Phase II really, really easy for them.

It’s adorable that the Times is pretending that the coordinated attacks from the Democrats are unusual. They are, even when in some disarray, nothing if not a well-oiled machine that is always able to work in tandem with the media.

While all of this is going on, guess which scandal-plagued Democrat isn’t being talked about.

Almost like they planned this.