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Almost 10,000 Dead Since Beginning of Ukraine Conflict in 2014

Via the New York Times:

Nearly 10,000 people have been killed and more than 20,000 wounded since the Ukraine conflict began in April 2014, a top United Nations official said Thursday.

The official, Taye-Brook Zerihoun, the assistant secretary general for political affairs, told the Security Council that the total number of casualties was now 30,729, with 9,333 people killed and 21,396 wounded.

Mr. Zerihoun said the most recent casualties occurred Wednesday when shelling killed at least four civilians and wounded at least eight people in Olenivka, near the city of Donetsk.

He said that fighting had escalated in recent weeks to levels not seen since August 2014, when it was at its most intense, and he called on all parties to cease hostilities.

The combination of Barack Obama’s smug, anti-intellectual arrogance and a press corps unwilling to challenge him on anything BECAUSE RACISM began as an irritant to America’s soul and has now developed a toxicity that has manifestations and by-products that make the world an ugly place.

The cult of personality that we thought was unique to Obama has become de rigueur in this election, heightening animosity. The press is rolling over and playing dead for both the Democratic and Republican front-runners. Obamacare premiums keep skyrocketing, but if you don’t read conservative sites you won’t see any condemnation of the president’s duplicity about that.

But it is Obama’s smirking ignorance about any threat from Russia and the MSM’s celebration of it that are perhaps the most galling in light of what Russia has done since his re-election in 2012. He laughed off Mitt Romney’s correct assessment and his flying monkeys in the press celebrated his wit and genius.

9,333 dead, 21,296 wounded.

Hilarious, right?

Were he a Republican, Obama’s idiotic “The 80’s called…” line would be playing on a loop in the media. But they’re too busy still making jokes about a woman who’s not even in politics anymore (Sarah Palin) saying something that Tina Fey actually said on SNL (she can see Russia from her house). That’s still worth mockery eight years after the fact, but Obama’s monumental blunder from 2012 gets a pass.

9,333 dead, 21,296 wounded.

These days, Obama is worried about his legacy, making it clear to anyone who will listen that any negative reading of it is due to the public’s stupidity:

In two recent interviews, with The New York Times Magazine on his economic legacy and with The Atlantic on his foreign policy legacy, Mr. Obama expressed a common sentiment: He had achieved big things and avoided even bigger mistakes, and yet most people just shrug.

In both cases, Mr. Obama suggested that the problem was not him, but one of perception.

Here is a man who has had a slavishly devoted press corps at his disposal for two terms, a press corps that still gets weak in the knees over “his prodigious skills as an orator” (skills I’ve yet to witness in eight years) and his excuse is that we aren’t perceiving things correctly.

The MSM has looked the other way when it comes to the unmitigated disaster that is Barack Obama’s foreign policy. If anything has been misperceived, it would have to be because they’ve not been truthful in an attempt to cover for their messiah.

However, when Americans look at their insurance premiums, ISIS, Iran, and 9,333 dead in a conflict with a power Obama laughingly dismissed and have a negative view of his legacy, the perception isn’t the problem at all.

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