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Feel-Good Story: Fidel Castro Tells Commies He'll Be Dead Soon

(Ismael Francisco/Cubadebate via AP)

For those of you depressed about the New York primaries…

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro delivered a valedictory speech Tuesday to the Communist Party that he put in power a half-century ago, telling party members he is nearing the end of his life and exhorting them to help his ideas survive.

“I’ll be 90 years old soon,” Castro said in his most extensive public appearance in years. “Soon I’ll be like all the others. The time will come for all of us, but the ideas of the Cuban Communists will remain as proof on this planet that if they are worked at with fervor and dignity, they can produce the material and cultural goods that human beings need, and we need to fight without a truce to obtain them.”

Castro spoke as the government announced that his brother Raul will retain the Cuban Communist Party’s highest post alongside his hardline second-in-command. That announcement and Fidel Castro’s speech together delivered a resounding message that the island’s revolutionary generation will remain in control even as its members age and die, relations with the U.S. are normalized, and popular dissatisfaction grows over the country’s economic performance.

His legacy will live on in no short measure because Obama decided that legacy should be wrapped up in playing nice with Iran and Cuba.

Hope. Change. Help.

While the murderous dictator Castro is being treated like a teddy bear won at a church carnival, the son of a man who fled the communist horror in Cuba is being excoriated by members of his own party simply because he won’t play nice with those who favor a lot of governmental control.

Weird world, huh?

The fact that this tyrant is being given a pass on his way to Hell by the Leader of the Free World will hopefully one day be corrected by historians. Given the current trajectory of academic “history,” we should perhaps not hold our collective breath and cross our fingers wishing that the truth will eventually be told.

Thankfully, time is about to do what the CIA couldn’t and the planet will soon be rid of a mass murderer.