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John Kasich Is Kind of a Jerk and MSNBC Loves Him

John Kasich Is Kind of a Jerk and MSNBC Loves Him
(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

John Kasich has always been a guy who can’t go five minutes without getting frustrated that he’s not the tallest, smartest or most handsome guy in the room and lashing out at the nearest person. Sadly, drunk Ohioans keep voting him into positions of power where he can act out a lot. He did, however, try to clean up us act earlier in the year and attempt to learn some social skills. Sure, it was just to get votes but, hey, baby steps.

Well, that didn’t last long.

John Kasich is getting tired of people saying he doesn’t have a path to victory (even though, well, he really doesn’t), and he snapped a bit at a reporter today who pointed that out to him.

Remember, Kasich has only won one state so far, and that was his home state of Ohio.

When a reporter pointed out to Kasich that he’s only won one state, the Ohio governor insisted that polls show only him defeating Hillary Clinton.

The reporter attempted to press him again and Kasich said, “Can I finish? I’m answering the question the way I want to answer it.”

Kasich got so irritated, he took the recorder out of the reporter’s hand, sarcastically asked “what do you think?”, and handed it back.

At least Ted Cruz is being honest about working a second-ballot strategy for the convention right now, but Kasich has a bad case of the Jebs and mistakenly thinks his appeal at home translates to the rest of America.

Well, there is one place outside of Ohio that loves America’s most notoriously petulant mailman’s son: the MSNBC studios:

But MSNBC’s rankings were surprisingly different: Kasich got 115 minutes of airtime compared to only 71 for Trump and 65 for Cruz.

The data includes network-sponsored town halls, as well as sit-downs with a network host, but not debates or live coverage of rallies or speeches.

The most progressive media outlet on television is enamored with a Republican governor who tells everyone they’re bad Christians if they question his Obamacare Medicaid expansion?

It’s almost as if eHarmony brought them together.

The governor himself thinks the relationship is simply magical.

My only hope for the GOP at this point is that it survives this election just so it can figure out how to win the presidency without having to suck up to forty-eight people in Ohio every four years. Looking back at all the talent that was in this race a few months ago, the fact that Kasich is one of the last three standing might be more indicative of the need for the GOP to be crushed than is the rise of der Orangenführer.

That’s where I’m at right now: one second I want the GOP to survive, the next, I hear Kasich’s voice and I think the party deserves whatever hideous death it’s about to experience.

As always, I blame Obamacare.

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