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Perpetuating the Great Democrat Lie: Obama Says It's Easier to Order Pizza than to Vote in the U.S.

A ridiculous man says ridiculous things. Of all the things that Democrats perpetually lie about, voter disenfranchisement in the United States in 2016 may be the biggest lie. The single most difficult thing anyone has to do in order to vote in this country is get from the living room to the proper polling place. Even if one is then required to produce identification, it’s still a rather remarkably easy thing to do. Anyone saying differently is simply not telling the truth. The Democrats, however, are heavily invested in making Americans believe that nothing has changed since the early 1960s, despite all of the reality that contradicts that.

Yet here is the most powerful man on Earth using an absolutely ridiculous analogy (of course it’s easier to order a pizza, there’s an app on my phone) to keep the lie alive.