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Narcissist in-Chief Looking for Cameras Everywhere These Days

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Throughout most of President Obama’s presidential tenure, he’s found ways to insert himself into almost every major news story. From Neil Armstrong’s death to Super Bowl Sunday, acknowledgement isn’t enough for this president, he has to make himself part of the story. The only time he isn’t mugging for a camera is when he is golfing, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find video archives of every round he’s played as POTUS being released at this time next year.

Bearing in mind that the man is afflicted with overwhelming malignant narcissism, it isn’t at all surprising that he’s feeling a little put out these days. In the last season of The West Wing, the fictional President Bartlet lamented watching himself being replaced on live television.

Now that the important part of the primary season is here–the one where votes are cast–a rational American would think that the lame duck president who spent too much time golfing when he wasn’t a lame duck would be golfing until the sun goes down every day. Seriously, his executive-order fetish really isn’t that time consuming.

Instead, Obama seems to have launched what could best be described as his “HEY, I’M STILL HERE!” tour.

Four days after the Iowa caucuses, he was overwhelmed by the urge to make some public remarks about the economy, something he hadn’t seen the need for the previous month when the stock market was in free-fall.

Today, he spoke to the Illinois General Assembly, probably to congratulate the members who hadn’t yet been arrested. It was dutifully televised by C-SPAN.

Tomorrow, he’ll be snarling traffic near me while doing the important presidential work of making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him lobby for a keynote spot at the RNC this summer, or physically wrestling Democrats for camera time at the DNC.

Keep reading here, I’ll let you know if he starts his own YouTube channel soon.