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Perfectly Epitomizing His Campaign, Jeb! Begs Audience to Clap for Applause Line

A snapshot of his misbegotten candidacy, if you will…

I have been a pretty harsh critic of Jeb Bush’s candidacy thus far. There never was any rationale behind it other than the surname and “just because.” Now, even I am starting to feel sorry for the guy. Forget his donors, who at this point are essentially soaking their money in lighter fluid and tossing a match on it, why isn’t anyone in the Bush family telling him to quit already? This flailing candidacy is in no way helping the image of a legendary American political clan.

Based on the number of tone-deaf moves he’s made in the campaign, it’s highly probable that Jeb greatly values the counsel of some of the people around him. For his sake, let’s hope a few of these people take pity soon and advise him to get to the real work of grooming his son for his inevitable run up the ladder of American politics.