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Cruz Reports Raising $700K After Iowa's Branstad Called for His Defeat


Sen. Ted Cruz, responding to a barrage of attacks from a sitting GOP governor and businessman Donald Trump, Wednesday said his campaign raised $700,000 in the hours after he was pointedly criticized by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

Mr. Cruz, speaking to reporters in New Hampshire, said party leaders in Washington are so fearful of his candidacy that he believes they are rallying behind Mr. Trump rather than Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida – a rival of Mr. Cruz’s who has been considered an establishment favorite.

With enemies like those, who needs friends, right?

Cruz continues to have plenty of momentum despite most attacks from the left, right, and center having been aimed directly at him since the beginning of the year. An Iowa win would be a nice starting point for him as he gazes ahead to his Super Tuesday strategy, and the efforts to make him fall apart there have been feverish these past few days.

The press spent a good amount of time in the last twenty-four hours trying to make it seem as if Sarah Palin’s support of Trump, coupled with Branstad’s remarks, made Tuesday a “terrible” day for him.

A campaign can go a long way with $700,000 bad days.

In other news, while Trump still holds a steady lead in New Hampshire, Cruz is now moving up in the polls there, even though it’s a state he wasn’t expected to do well at all in.