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One Time Single-Payer Champion Howard Dean Now Lobbying Against It and Bashing Bernie Sanders

It’s alive.

Howard Dean is the latest in a string of Hillary Clinton supporters to charge that Bernie Sanders is wrong to support a single-payer health care plan. The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee claimed on MSNBC last night that Sanders’ reform might result in “chaos” because “trying to implement it would in fact undo people’s health care.” Dean added, “That is something people should be concerned about.”

Dean, a longtime supporter of single-payer, seemed to be changing his tune, a point made by host Chris Hayes during the segment.

This evolution of Dean, known within many circles for his spirited critique of the Iraq War during the 2004 Democratic primary, comes as he has settled into a corporate lobbying career.

Dean, though he rarely discloses the title during his media appearances, now serves as senior advisor to the law firm Dentons, where he works with the firm’s Public Policy and Regulation practice, a euphemism for Dentons’ lobbying team.

In any other year, prominent Democrats wouldn’t be loudly opposing single-payer health care, primarily because they aren’t opposed to it. They all know that the long-term plan is to have the Obamacare train wreck create such a panic when it gets to the bottom of the mountain that they can slip their single-payer dream in while the public is still screaming and distracted.

Alas, this is 2016 and the Democrat Illuminati are struggling to find actionable differences between their two geriatric commie frontrunners. Bernie is at least honest about being a socialist, so closet socialist Hillary can pretend to be outraged by policies she would have no problem whatsoever supporting.

It is also such a topsy-turvy year that some in Dem Elite think having Howard Dean speaking to the press anywhere near the time of the Iowa caucuses is a good idea.