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Poll: 56% Majority Oppose Allowing Syrian Refugees into U.S.

I’m sure the president is skipping this one.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, more than half of the nation’s governors have declared they will not accept new Syrian refugees into their states, and a new poll shows that a majority of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s plans to accept increased numbers of Syrian refugees. The latest NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll shows that 56% of Americans disapprove of allowing more migrants fleeing violence in Syria and other nations into the country, while 41% approve and the issue divides sharply across party lines. But overwhelmingly, Americans say the U.S. and its allies are losing the war against ISIS and the poll shows bipartisan support for sending additional ground troops to fight the Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria.

Our petulant POTUS has already made it abundantly clear that he hates Republicans far more than he hates ISIS, which makes this poll stand out even more.

If the issue does really divide sharply across party lines, then let the refugees flow to the liberal-dominated cities in America. Or at least tell them that’s the plan. Libs generally love foisting their ideas upon others but aren’t fond of having to deal with them personally. Hell hath no fury like a rich Democrat who is about to have the view from his summer home blocked by a renewable energy wind turbine. Flood the DC and Manhattan media bubbles with refugees and we’ll see how long the warm welcome takes to freeze over.

Coastal Democrat elites never expose themselves to anyone ideologically different. They truly believe that the Republicans and conservatives barely exist in the rest of the country and only win elections because of very low turnouts. There just can’t be that many knuckle-draggers in their minds. Obama knows his core constituency is sheltered and plays to them. When he flashes anger while talking about Republicans. he knows full well that he is being openly hateful of more than half the country.

He doesn’t care.

There won’t be a rigorous vetting process for any Syrian refugees allowed into America because the guy in charge really doesn’t give a you-know-what if anything bad happens. He and his family are going to have Secret Service protection and not be anywhere near the icky bomb-vest people. If any Americans are killed as a result, he can rest assured that his media monkeys will begin caterwauling about “right-wing rhetoric” being the problem.

A serious potential threat must be taken, you know, seriously. That can’t happen when there aren’t any adults in charge.