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Get Out and Vote for the Bozo!

Okay, I’ve had just about enough – and a bit besides – of people to the right of Lenin (or at least who claim to be to the right of Lenin) saying they’re not voting in this election because… because cheese and atomic penguins!

No, wait, their excuse is even less coherent. It’s always either because the local GOP candidate is a moron (I feel your pain. Colorado’s GOP resembles a cross between a South American fiefdom and a circular firing squad) or because they don’t like Trump.

Then there are the despicable people who claim to oppose the left but are going to vote for leftists because they wish to punish Trump. Is despicable too strong a word? No, not really, as I’ll explain.

First, why do I say the first two excuses are not coherent?

Mostly because they’re things that no adult would say after thinking for more than ten seconds. Oh, wait, adults can say they don’t like Trump, of course. One of the first things that my dad taught me was De gustibus non est disputandum (and he taught it to me in Latin because he wanted me to know that life is terrifying and incomprehensible).

Personally, Trump doesn’t bother me. Possibly because I just don’t watch TV – ever – and except for echoing my blogs, I avoid Twitter like the plague. What he’s actually done, from rolling back regulations to cutting taxes? Oh, I like that.

Trump himself? Look, I came of age in the seventies, and I found most businessmen annoying and pushy – I still find many of them so –so I probably would have an easier time navigating the Clinton circle (so long as I wasn’t alone with Billy himself), who remind me more of my brother’s friends than Trump and his circle.

But a president is not your prom date. And no president ever did everything I’d like him to do (like, for instance, reduce the federal government employees to about a dozen, outside of the armed forces) or refrained from doing what I truly didn’t want him to do (like interfere with education). (Someday over a drink, I’ll be glad to tell you what No Child Left Behind actually did to schools.)

You don’t like Trump? Bully for you. Put him on the side of your plate and eat the rest of your lunch. You’re perfectly entitled to not like Trump. What part of this entitles you to wish to put a knife through your country’s heart, though?

Which, by the way, is the same as your not liking your local GOP bozo. Good for you. Take a gold star. You’re capable of evaluating individuals and I’m very proud of you.

But what part of that means you wish to hand the country over to people who wish to destroy it?

Ah, I see, I’m being melodramatic, am I?

Yeah, my sons tell me that too, when I tell them things they don’t wish to hear: “Mom, stop being Latin.” “Mom, stop being melodramatic.”And “Mom, stop swearing in Portuguese.” (Okay, they have a point on that last one.)

But here’s the thing: this only sounds melodramatic. It’s actually not.

What is the announced program of the Left if they take the House?

Let me help you: They want to raise your taxes. They want to make it nigh impossible to produce oil or really to mine coal in this country. And, oh, yeah, they want to open the borders.

But, you’ll say, the Senate will stay in Republican hands, and Trump has the power of veto.

Maybe. Very, very maybe. Part of the problem in this election and the reason I have a cold lead ball in my stomach right now is that nobody knows anything. Polls have stopped working. The press is beyond corrupt. And there’s the incalculable effect of rampant fraud that always favors the Democrats (which is why they fight so hard against measures to clean up the vote).

Will we keep the Senate if we lose the House? Maybe. And in the Senate, you’re absolutely sure there aren’t enough RINOS to do the House’s bidding, are you?

As for Trump, for someone who is not that fond of him, you’re certainly very sure of him.

I’m not. The man’s training is in business. It’s all about “getting to yes” and his book was called “the art of the deal.”

Hand him a Democrat legislature, and my bet is he meets them halfway. Is that what you want?

No, I don’t care about how bad your local guy is, or how you’re tired of voting against people and not for them. Cry me a river. Humans are imperfect and pushed around by social pressures. Film at eleven.

There are obvious disadvantages to a two-party system. It’s just better than one where also imperfect representatives of ten tiny parties can form a coalition, each with more or less 10% of the vote, and suddenly you have a communist/green/Maoist government. Trust me on this.

The two-party system is what we have and, humans being humans, you’ll always be voting either against someone or for the lesser of two evils.

And I do understand thinking that voting for the least of two evils is not enough to tempt you to the polls. I sat out 2000 of all elections because I didn’t see that much difference between Bush and Gore. (Okay, I didn’t sit it out, I voted for Harry Brown, may the Lord have mercy on my soul.)

But you’re not voting for your complete bozo.

You’re voting against the party that hates America and wants to destroy it. And no, I’m not being melodramatic there either. Go to Instapundit and search “the masks are coming off.”

These people – or their more violent branch – march in the streets singing “No ICE, no Wall, no America at all.” The first two could be insanity and lack of experience with the world (and the Wall will be tough in terms of engineering and money) but the last? Really? You think that’s okay?

Then, of course, there are other things they say, like that we need to destroy capitalism. Have you ever seen any of their big figures deny it or try to explain why it’s bad?

How about the left’s demand for a million and a half genders that you absolutely have to recognize, even if it’s poisoning social relations and making our kids non-functional? How about their certainty that any white male should be silenced because he’s talking out of “white male privilege.” (If such a thing exists, my husband has never come across it.) Or how about their insistence that you’re a hater if you want to keep the money you personally earned? Have you heard any of their big figures repudiate that? No, you haven’t. It’s all about paying “your fair share” which is all of it, and the screaming because Trump actually lowered taxes was a thing to behold.

Oh, and did you watch the Kavanaugh circus? Yep, they knew they were ginning up a bunch of lies to take down an innocent man. That was okay by them. Power by any means necessary.

“But,” you say. “I’m not voting for them. I’m just staying home and not voting.”

Sure. However, add in the margin of fraud and what you’re doing is letting the Democrats win. And whether you like it or not, what that translates to is giving them a mandate. Or in the words of Barry the Unready, “We won.”

They will – rightly – assume a majority of people want higher taxes and to freeze in the dark. They’ll assume you to hate America – why not? Their entire circle does. Remember how they screamed at Trump saying he was a nationalist and that they want the borders thrown wide open to every welfare case of the third world.

I have friends both in medicine and education. Our system is broken (and broke) largely because of the hordes of barely-English-speaking welfare cases. At least it is in the West. And the Left thinks our duty is to provide for all of them.

The migrant hordes now heading for the border. 15000 people combined, you say. What’s that for a nation of 300 million?

Nothing. But what about the other hordes already forming? To quote a gentleman in Salvador, “everyone wants to form a caravan.”

And the incoming president of Mexico believes in open U.S. borders and wants to send all his poor here.  And all the poor who want to cross his country.

Sure, we managed entire villages immigrating in the early 20th century. Do you know what we didn’t have then?

Social welfare at the level we have it now.

And do you know a thing we had?

Industry that required nimble hands and strength. We don’t have that now.

Illiterate, non-English speaking workers are of very little worth right now. Oh, sure, the Democrats need someone to clean their toilets. I think they can do what the rest of us do and get familiar with bleach and brush. Yeah, some manual jobs depend on illegals, mostly because we have a minimum wage and onerous requirements to fund Social Security and other boondoggles, which make it impossible to hire a citizen. Illegals don’t b*tch about getting paid less. They can’t really. And so industries use them.

But that’s not nearly enough to soak up the wave upon wave that will come through our borders if we open them. And most of them will end up on welfare. Which brings us to the matter of our deficit.

You’ve heard Trump is obsessed with 5% growth and probably snorted. Yeah, I did too. And I still think it’s a little loony (though he’s been doing okay so far).

But it’s the only chance we got. Five percent growth, sustained, over a decade, say, will allow us to grow out of our financial difficulties.

If we don’t get that… do you really want to know what happens when a reserve currency of the world crashes? Because, you know, I’m not that curious.

I also, as mad as I get at times, have no stomach for the civil war that will happen as things fall apart.  Running around the hills with a Kalashnikov might sound like great fun when you’re young, but really even our own civil war was a door thrown open to centralized power.  Chances are another civil war will usher in more of the same.

Yeah, 5% sustained growth will be a miracle.  It’s also — barring other miracles — our best chance at surviving now.

You know what will kill the 5% growth dead, right on the spot? The Democrats winning.

But wait, there is more and the reason I say it’s despicable to vote Democrat to “teach Trump a lesson.”

The Left has gone insane.

No, I don’t mean mildly crazy, I mean howlingly insane. And I don’t mean just their leaders, but the rank and file. They will tell you with a straight face that Trump is going to put them all in camps. (I had someone argue with me that Trump was sending a signal by holding the rainbow flag upside down at a rally.  And when I pointed out that he held it the way “Gays for Trump” could be read, she said that the flag hadn’t been made by a real gay person. And when my gay friends explained the flag has no up or down, she refused to believe them. And she’s a standard-issue Dem. This is insanity) They march in the streets beating up those who oppose them, under the delusion they’re “punching a Nazi.” They think you are Nazis. They think I’m a Nazi. They think everyone who opposes their agenda of big government and absolute ideological conformity is a Nazi. I figure there’s a great shortage of mirrors in their world.

The thing is, people like that are dangerous to give power to. It’s like voting for socialists because “this time will be different.” Oh, wait, it’s exactly like voting for socialists, since they’ve moved to that place, ideologically. And you, who know history, will do this to “teach Trump a lesson” because you didn’t like the way he handled the primaries (neither did I) or you think his Twitter is not presidential.

That is roughly akin to setting fire to an orphanage to teach the fishmonger a lesson.

If you do it, I hope you’re okay shaving or applying makeup for the rest of your life without a mirror, because I pray you’re still sane enough to be ashamed to look at yourself in the mirror.

So, stop it already. You can hold your breath till you turn blue AFTER the GOP wins the midterms. For now, things are too serious.

America has lived very well for very long (even if for the last twenty years we’ve been dancing closer and closer to the abyss) and some of you have forgotten how close civilization is to the edge. Stop telling yourself pretty lies.

Yeah, your local GOP candidate is a bozo (or a crook), and Trump’s public image ain’t great, and you want ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

That’s nice. But in the real world, we have two parties: the one who hates America and the one who doesn’t.

Anything you do that gives power to the America haters is going to… give them the power to destroy what has made you fat, sassy and unthinking.

Disasters don’t just hit those who deserve it. They hit everyone in the area, or in the case of America they hit the world (what happens when the turbine of world economy comes apart? Like Lindsey Graham I hope the left never gets power while their agenda is to pack it with C-4).

So stop thinking you’re above it all. Stop thinking this is a great time to hold out for a perfect candidate (whatever that is). Stop thinking of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Get out there and vote for the local GOP bozo. It’s important.