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How Long Will You Tolerate Having Your Franchise Deprecated and Nullified?



Apparently, in Ohio – lest their loss mar a narrative of an inevitable blue wave – several uncounted ballots have been “found.”

Of course, everyone knows these ballots will be uniformly Democrat, and will keep being “found” until the race tips to the Democrat. Which is weird, since both of these events, in a rational world, are as unlikely as a three headed eagle coming through my window right now.  And I don’t even see a hint of feathers.

So why do we all know this?

Because this is not the first time, this is not the second time. This is not probably the tenth time, save that some incidents don’t get reported and we have a very short public memory.

There was this for instance, in Connecticut.  This in Minnesota. There was how Christine Gregoire won for Washington governor. Illinois is a constitutional sewer when it comes to citizens rights to representation.  Then there’s my own state, Colorado, where if you watch returns coming in there are boxes upon boxes of ballots being found in Boulder County every single time.  Oh, and if you watch the polls out here, it’s even better, as apparently most Coloradans – even before the vote-fraud facilitating vote-by-mail-only initiative … er I mean, money-saving vote-by-mail-only initiative (the first time Democrats gave a hot damn about saving money!) – suffer from debilitating amnesia, as fully half of those (or more) who come to vote are told they voted earlier/by mail.  Guess it’s that Rocky Mountain high thing.  Oh, wait, that was before pot was legalized.

Sure, the people coming to vote and told they voted earlier get to vote provisionally, but the provisional ballots don’t even get counted unless the count is close enough.  And given that – I promise you – in the amazing way found ballots are always for Democrats, the forgetful voters earlier votes are always solid Democrat, the provisional ballots are never needed.

We make jokes about this.  We joke about Chicago.  We joke about “found” ballots.  But the people elected that way still get to serve.  And by “serve” I mean, please refer to the title of the science fiction story “to serve man.”

My question is: How long will you tolerate this?

The United States doesn’t have many requirements for voting. If you have a warm body (no zombies allowed.  Well, except in Chicago) you can vote. The Motor Voter Bill pretty much removed the requirement to be a citizen or even, really, a permanent resident.  If you get a driver’s license, you can – in fact you have trouble not to – register to vote.  A friend of mine ran head on into this.  A Japanese journalist working at the Colorado Springs Gazette for a few months presented as his ID his Japanese passport and had trouble convincing them he did not want to register to vote.  (This was sometime in the nineties and I can’t find a link to the bewildered article he wrote on it.)

Myself, I have an accent that you need a chain saw to cut.  I’ve registered to vote and renewed my registration 4 times now in different states.  Not once, given this lady who sounds Russian (no, I have no idea why.  I was born and raised in Portugal of Portuguese parents.  My name is an amalgamation of my citizenship name and my married name, though the A is my maiden name, de Almeida.) has a single clerk asked me for proof of citizenship.  Not once.

Apparently asking people with accents for proof of their citizenship is a micro aggression, because it means they’re not Americans like every other.  Some people could interpret it as racial discrimination and be mortally offended, and since our constitution has a right to not be offended codified….  Oh, wait, no we don’t.  And if these (perhaps imagined, Democrats do that) delicate blooms of specialness are offended at being asked for proof of their right to vote, I am furious – burningly, incandescently furious – at not being asked for proof of citizenship.

Because for each person – on purpose or through ignorance (and yes, I’ve heard non-citizens say they got a ballot in the mail, so they guessed they could vote) – who votes without having the right to, my vote is diluted and I am piece-meal disenfranchised.  For each dead voter who “votes” my vote is deprecated.  For each box of – curiously all Dem – votes found, my vote is deprecated.  For each elderly person in a nursing home, whose family or nurses vote for them on the convenient mail-in ballot, my vote is deprecated.  For each vote stolen, manufactured, or invented, my and your franchise is deprecated and removed.

How long will you tolerate this?

One of the parties – curiously the Democrats again – insists that there is no vote fraud.  So I guess they live in a universe where these statistical improbabilities happen all the time.  Which is curious, because the rest of us don’t.

How long will you tolerate this?

And of course, no one would fight that hard against the integrity of the vote unless they knew, knew for an absolute fact that they are a tiny minority.  One which, nonetheless would like to rule us.  And yes, you read that word correctly, or have you forgotten Obama’s pen and phone?

They want to do what the universal franchise is supposed to prevent, and impose their rule on the majority of a people they know would reject it if they could.

How long will you tolerate this?

Because the time is now to speak and speak loudly on Ohio.  The time is now for Congress to refuse to sit representatives thus “elected”, something that will only happen if you keep the fire under them.  The time is now to start talking really loud about these magical ballot boxes that magically appear full of Democrat votes.

The time now to start taking the fraud seriously.

The time is now to turn out in force in November and make it not close, so they can’t cheat.  Refusing to vote by mail or early also helps.  Go to your polling place on the day if at all possible.  This way they won’t know how many votes they need to manufacture in advance.

Get out there and make sure they can’t make enough blue ink for a wave.

And then, afterwards, clean house.  Every time I post about this someone tells me they can’t vote on the day, or vote by mail is so convenient, or or or.

That’s cute.  It’s really cute. But if you want to keep your country, you’ll do your damndest to sucker punch the left.  Or perhaps you also find the full on socialism these tools are now spouting “convenient” also?

How long will you tolerate a vicious minority’s boot on your neck?

Are you a born thrall or an American?

The time is now to fight for the ballot box, or sure as I’m writing this, you’ll one day fight for the cartridge box.  And win or lose what emerges on the other side of that is something you won’t recognize.

You were given a republic if you can keep it.

How long will you tolerate having it inched out from under you?