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There Was a Riot in This American City Following the Rittenhouse Verdict

There were small to medium-sized demonstrations by leftists in several American cities after the verdict of “not guilty” was announced in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. In most cases, it was nothing the police couldn’t handle and there was very little damage.

In truth, there was nothing in the Rittenhouse case to really get the lefties’ juices flowing on this. Ginning up fake outrage over “white supremacy” when a white kid shoots three white people isn’t quite as simple as when police shoot an unarmed black man.

The outrage quotient was completely different.

Except in Portland. There, the professional radical agitators didn’t really need much of an excuse. It was the weekend, so any radicals who actually had a day job were free to throw a few Molotov cocktails and toss some rocks through windows to “protest”… what?

Well, there’s “white supremacy,” because Kyle Rittenhouse killed two white allies of the anti-police movement—36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum of Kenosha and 26-year-old Anthony Huber of Silver Lake, Wisconsin—and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, a protester from West Allis. But that’s not quite the same thing as if Rittenhouse had shot a black protester or two, screaming “Zieg Heil” when they fell.

But they just know that’s what he was thinking.

Fox 12 of Portland, a news outlet that has become one of the most experienced at covering riots in the entire world, reports that police in Portland declared a riot after a protest against the Rittenhouse verdict became “violent and destructive” near the Multnomah County Justice Center.

Fox News:

Rioters were throwing objects at officers, smashing windows and damaging the justice center’s front gate, FOX 12 of Oregon reported.

“Due to violent, destructive behavior by a significant part of the crowd, the gathering in downtown Portland is a RIOT. All participants are instructed to proceed away to the WEST,” the Portland Police Bureau wrote on Twitter.

Despite the mob violence taking place in full view of the officers, there was only one arrest.

The rioters smashed the rear window of a police cruiser, windows from the city print shop and tagged the justice center building, police said.

One arrest was made for a warrant. In all, five citations and 17 warnings were issued, police said.

A “warning”? Is that like the cops telling a protester not to ever again throw a rock through a window that isn’t your own?

There was something frighteningly familiar about the scene: masked rioters, deliberately trying to provoke police into an overreaction by throwing objects at them; rioters chanting idiotic slogans; and police growing weary of the whole kabuki dance.

Are there any sane people still living in Portland?