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If Obama Wants Americans to Reject the 'Politics of Meanness,' Why Is He So Mean?

If Obama Wants Americans to Reject the 'Politics of Meanness,' Why Is He So Mean?
Democratic National Convention via AP

Barack Obama is on the hustings speaking on behalf of Democratic candidates for governor in New Jersey and Virginia—two key races whose outcome many election forecasters believe could be an indication of how the 2022 elections will play out.


The president who urged his supports to fight opponents using the “Chicago Way,” where if they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun, decried the “politics of meanness” at a rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Yahoo News:

“We’re at a turning point right now both here and in America and around the world. There’s a mood out there, we see it: a politics of meanness,” Obama told an estimated crowd of around 2,000 people on a sun-dappled afternoon at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Obama presented the choice for Virginians as between McAuliffe, who he said would keep moving the state forward, and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, who he said has been “encouraging the lies and conspiracy theories that we’ve had to live through all this time,” referring to the ongoing attempt by former President Donald Trump to falsely claim that the 2020 election was illegitimate.

Obama also said Younkin has attempted to “quietly cultivate support from those who seek to tear down our democracy.”

Apparently, it’s only mean when Republicans tell lies. Youngkin doesn’t do anything “quietly” and as far as “cultivating the support from those who seek to tear down our democracy,” I don’t see the Republican candidate embracing Black Lives Matter supporters or far-left racialists who are gleefully tearing down American traditions.


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Obama has always had this blind spot about his own purity and goodness. He’s been dubbed a moderate — even after signing the 1200-page Affordable Care Act, the most radical act of Congress since the Declaration of Independence.

What he sees as “truth” seems strangely partisan.

“Either he actually believes in the same conspiracy theories … or he’s willing to go along with it, to say or do anything to get elected,” Obama said. “And maybe that’s worse, because that says something about character … There’s some things that are more important than getting elected, and maybe American democracy is one of those things.”

C’mon, man! At a certain level—and running for governor is certainly at that level—politicians from both parties will say whatever it takes to get elected, including making up the lie that democracy would somehow be threatened with the election of Glenn Youngkin. This is an absurdity that would have had him laughed off the stage 25 years ago, but it is embraced by Democrats today.

A note of desperate hysteria is creeping into the rhetoric of these hyperpartisan Democrats. Nothing less than the fate of democracy is at stake. Democrats convinced themselves long ago that Trump wanted to create a dictatorship in America—despite zero evidence that anything of the sort could happen.


How many reporters were arrested and imprisoned? How many newspapers or TV stations were shut down? How come tens of thousands of activists aren’t filling our jails? Where’s the oppression, Barry?

What the hell kind of “dictatorship” was Trump imposing on us? The answer is, there wasn’t one. Obama and the rest of the Democrats are perpetuating their own democracy-destroying lies about the Republicans and are equally responsible for the public souring on the legitimacy of our elections.

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