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July Was the Busiest Month for Illegal Alien Arrests in 21 Years

July Was the Busiest Month for Illegal Alien Arrests in 21 Years
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

How much longer will Joe Biden and the Democrats be able to cover up the disaster at the border? It’s a relevant question both in political and humanitarian terms.

Politically, Joe Biden and the Democrats know that the mess at the border is of their own making. Biden invited the massive surge in refugees and asylum seekers by promising that no one would be turned away. The result has been chaos and a building humanitarian crisis.

As it turns out, the president lied when he said that the border surge in February was temporary and that the numbers of border crossers would decline during the summer. In July, 16 percent more people were arrested trying to cross the border than in June — 212,000 compared to 188,000 in June. There were more than 18,000 arrests of minor children — a record.

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Most disturbing of all, there are about 1,000 “getaways” every day. A “getaway” is an illegal alien known to have crossed but to have eluded apprehension by Border Control. That’s 30,000 illegals escaping into the illegal alien netherworld every single month.

Very quietly, and under the radar, the Biden administration has toughened its border policies, putting them more in line with Donald Trump’s policies than anything any pro-illegal alien advocate ever promoted.

Washington Post:

With the number of migrants arriving to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas exceeding 20,000 per week last month, the Biden administration has introduced new enforcement measures in an attempt to deter illegal crossings. It has restarted fast-track deportation flights for some families who do not claim a fear of persecution if returned, while transporting others to border areas further west where Mexican authorities will accept the returns.

Most notably, Biden officials for the first time have launched “expulsion flights” that use Title 42 authority to fly Central American families deep into southern Mexico, hoping they will opt to return home rather than trying to reenter the United States. Hundreds of those migrants, including small children, have been dropped off in remote towns with little shelter capacity, rights advocates say, a pattern the United Nations refugee agency called “troubling.”

Can you imagine the worldwide outcry if Donald Trump had flown Central American families deep into Mexico and then dumped them off a plane to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere?

These policies are pretty much what Donald Trump implemented while he was in office. That they aren’t generating much outrage is telling and shows the wholly partisan political nature of opposition to Trump’s policies.

The worst of the surge may be on the way in the next couple of months.

Over the past several months, the arrival of soaring numbers of migrants from Ecuador, Brazil, Haiti, Venezuela and nations in Africa has complicated the Biden administration’s attempt to ease pressure on the border through a strategy based on addressing the “root causes” of emigration from Central America.

Officials in Panama this week held talks with Colombia and other nations in the region to urge tighter visa restrictions, as jungle camps holding U.S.-bound migrants have swelled with thousands of stranded migrants. About 10,000 people, mainly from Haiti and Cuba, are stuck in the small port town of Necoclí, Colombia, awaiting sea passage to Panama.

Political unrest in Haiti as a result of a coup and in Cuba as a result of people being tired of Communist lies may lead to even bigger trouble in August and September.