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Two Men on Terror Watch List Arrested Trying to Enter U.S. Illegally

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Remember the crisis at the border? You could be forgiven if it sort of slipped your mind. There were 180,000 people apprehended trying to cross the border last month but as far as the media is concerned, the border crisis isn’t even happening. It’s too inconvenient to have to continuously explain to the rubes why the border mess is all Trump’s fault.

Nevertheless, there is an ongoing crisis at the border. One could probably describe the U.S. southern border as being in “chaos” which sounds like an open invitation to terrorists who wish to do us harm to sneak across the border and set up shop.

In the last few weeks, the Customs and Border Patrol have arrested two men from Yemen in separate incidents trying to sneak into the country. Both men were on a U.S. government terror watch list as well as the “no-fly” list. But don’t worry, America. Joe Biden tells us we have nothing to worry about.


The men, arrested in January and March near a port of entry in California, were on a U.S. government watchlist for terrorism suspects and a “no-fly” list, CBP said in a press release.

A group of Republican lawmakers that visited the border in El Paso, Texas, in March said border agents told them during the trip that some people caught crossing the border were on a U.S. terrorism watchlist. Republicans have criticized President Joe Biden for easing some restrictions put in place by former President Donald Trump as the number of border crossings has risen in recent months.

So who were these guys? Open borders advocates will repeat the talking point that there are a million people on that watch list and just because they’re on it doesn’t mean they are terrorists.

That’s true. But then, would a completely innocent traveler travel like this?

One of the men, aged 33, was arrested on Jan. 29 after allegedly attempting to cross the border illegally near a port of entry in Calexico, California, CBP said.

Border agents found a mobile phone SIM card located beneath the insole of the man’s shoe, the agency said.

The second man, aged 26, was arrested on March 30 in the same vicinity.

Innocent travelers carrying mobile phone SIM cards in their shoes? And, while it could very well be a coincidence, what are the odds of two foreigners from a tiny Middle Eastern country being nabbed in the same vicinity by the border patrol two months apart? Yemen is home to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — one of the deadliest Al Qaeda affiliates.

Since the CBP claims to interdict only a fraction of illegal aliens entering the country, it should worry some people that other Yemeni terrorists could be taking advantage of the chaos at the border to enter the U.S. illegally.

People who worry about the domestic security of the United States for a living are worried about who is mixing in with the hundreds of thousands of people trying to enter the United States. They aren’t being vetted thoroughly, if at all. It’s not hyping the threat to point out the shortcomings of President Biden’s policies and wonder about possible threats that may emerge as a result of his incompetent leadership.