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Border Agents Are Releasing Illegals Without Even Bothering to Give Them Court Dates

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

There is no crisis at the border and Joe Biden is going to make damn sure there won’t be one.

Biden is playing a cynical, dishonest game with the American people. He’s making sure there will be no “crisis” by releasing illegal aliens into the interior of the U.S. — with no court dates. The proper procedure allows for illegals to be released only after they’ve been giving a date to show up in immigration court so their case can be heard. About 70 percent of illegals eventually show up at their hearings.

It’s not even clear if border authorities have to count the released illegals since there won’t be a record of them crossing the border. If you can’t count them, they don’t exist. Presto! No border crisis.


 Border agents in the Rio Grande Valley, the center of the migrant surge, were authorized Saturday to begin releasing adult migrants and families from custody before they have been given dates to appear in court, according to an internal document obtained by NBC News.

The move is “intended to mitigate operational challenges, including risks to national security, during significant surges of illegal migration as currently exist in the Rio Grande Valley” by reducing the time immigrants spend in custody, according to the document.

Some immigrants said they were being released without knowing how they would be contacted.

There is no “risk to national security” if illegals are caught and sent home. But what are the risks if they’re caught and released into the country with no way to track them or contact them?

It’s a magic trick. Biden is making the illegals disappear, ensuring that there will be no incriminating video of illegals stacked on top of one another in a border facility.

On Monday morning, some immigrants who spoke on condition of anonymity said they had, in fact, been released without court dates. They said that before they were released, they were asked by U.S. border agents for contact information, which they provided, and given documents with “to be determined” court dates. They were told they would be contacted within 30 days.

Others said they were not asked for contact information and were simply given identification documents that they were told to show to local law enforcement officials if they were stopped while in the U.S. It is not clear how the government will reach those people to see that they go before immigration judges.

Those illegals must have thought they died and went to heaven. No detention, no hearing, no deportation, and no way for the government to know where they are.

Of course, Biden’s policy may very well backfire. The illegal alien grapevine will make sure this news is spread far and wide, raising hopes for those wanting to come to Joe Biden’s America that they can enter the U.S. and disappear along with the other 11 million illegals.

The cynicism of this policy is appalling. It’s just one more way to cover up the true situation at the border and allow the White House to claim with a straight face there is no crisis at the border.