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Maoist Monster: Biden Aide Says Pandemic, Which Has Ravaged the Nation, Was the 'Best Thing That Ever Happened' to Biden

Maoist Monster: Biden Aide Says Pandemic, Which Has Ravaged the Nation, Was the 'Best Thing That Ever Happened' to Biden
AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Joe Biden’s senior advisor Anita Dunn said that the coronavirus was “the best that ever happened” to Joe Biden, alluding to the impact of the pandemic on the voting public.


The remark will appear in Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, which will hit the bookstores on March 2. It’s the first major book released on the 2020 presidential contest. The Guardian obtained a copy prior to publication and found the quote. “It was, the authors add, a necessarily private comment that ‘campaign officials believed but would never say in public.'”

Washington Examiner:

That private thinking reflects what many political analysts said at the time, that the rampant pandemic undermined then-President Donald Trump’s solid economic achievements and standing in national and battleground state opinion polls.

But the comments could be seized on by Biden’s critics that his campaign used the suffering of the public in the opportunistic pursuit of power.

Dunn was appointed co-chair of Biden’s transition team and served as interim press secretary during that time. Her name may be familiar to many on the right. In 2009, a video clip of the then-White House communications director surfaced where she expressed admiration for Chinese Communist mass-murderer Mao Zedong, calling him “one of my favorite political philosophers.” She left her position a month later.


Keep that quote in mind whenever you listen to Biden’s pious words about how awful it is that the coronavirus has claimed so many lives.

Associated Press:

“We often hear people described as ordinary Americans. There’s no such thing,” he said Monday evening. “There’s nothing ordinary about them. The people we lost were extraordinary.”

“Just like that,” he added, “so many of them took their last breath alone.”

A president whose own life has been marked by family tragedy, Biden spoke in deeply personal terms, referencing his own losses as he tried to comfort the huge number of Americans whose lives have been forever changed by the pandemic.

He probably should have thanked the families of all those dead Americans for giving him the presidency. Biden was dead in the water before the pandemic hit. It wasn’t until the Democratic/Media complex began their daily pronouncements of death and incompetence that his numbers began to rise.

But Dunn’s reported comment points to what became the dominant theme of the election. As the pandemic capsized Trump along with the economy Biden, through a much more cautious approach to campaigning and basic public health concerns, appealed to voters as the right man to manage a recovery.

Trump sought to hammer Biden for “hiding in his basement” – a reference to Biden’s decision to rarely leave home in Wilmington, Delaware, instead campaigning virtually while the president held rallies and ignored public health guidelines. But such attacks did not hit home.


It’s hard for an opponent to hit a moving target. It’s even harder to hit one that goes into hiding. Biden’s strategy was dictated as much by his low energy as it was any grand design and Trump was never quite able to get him in the open to engage in a day-to-day war where Biden would be forced to constantly defend himself.

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