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New Monolith Appears as Bizarre Craze Sweeps the World

(Image credit: Utah Dept. of Public Safety)

As a sociological phenomenon the monoliths in California, Utah, and Romania represent something significant. Perhaps they’re a symbol of the pandemic or a statement against lockdowns or maybe they’re just a bunch of stoners laughing as people wonder what it all means.

It isn’t aliens, that’s for sure. But do these people really qualify as “human” in the same sense as you or I?

Associated Press:

Days after the discovery and swift disappearance of two shining metal monoliths half a world apart, another towering structure has popped up and then quickly vanished, this time from the pinnacle of a trail in California.

The 3-sided, 10-foot-tall, 200-pound monolith was similar to two others discovered recently in the Utah desert and in Romania. Like those structures, the origin of the California edifice is also unknown.

But by Thursday, the California monolith had vanished, apparently torn down by a group of young men that traveled five hours from farther south to remove it, the city of Atascadero said in a Facebook post.

Video posted online showed a group of young men wearing night-vision goggles toppling what appears to be the monolith before dawn while chanting “Christ is king” and “America First.” One man also is heard saying to the camera: “We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or

outer space.”

I think someone has watched Jodi Foster in Contact one too many times.

Then again, perhaps the aliens are trying to tell us something.

On the other hand, the monolith in Romania leaves a lot to be desired.

Maybe the Romanian aliens got their hands on some homebrew.

Is there any more significance to the appearance — and disappearance — of these structures than some kind of viral meme that has left the virtual world and is trying to find a home in the real world?

I think people are just bored with the lack of mass entertainment like concerts and sporting events. There also may be an effort to return wonder and awe to our world. Goodness knows we can certainly use it.

Otherwise, just chalk it up to more craziness in one of the craziest years in history.