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Biden's Hysterical COVID-19 Fatality Predictions Don't Bode Well For How He Will Manage Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic was on voters’ minds when they cast their ballots for president on November 3 and exit polls show that a large percentage — 61 percent — thought it the most important issue facing the country. Joe Biden made Trump the issue, heavily criticizing the president for everything from his initial response to the pandemic to his ignoring “the science” and refusing to develop a “national policy” on the government’s response.

Now it will be Joe Biden who sits in the big chair and decides how the nation responds to the crisis. What will he do differently than Trump?

The short answer is “everything.”

Joe Biden will not have an original idea in his head about how to respond to the pandemic. He will put “science” (public health bureaucrats) in charge and let them have their way with America. It won’t be pretty.

He will self-consciously and deliberately become the “anti-Trump” of pandemic response. Anything Trump did — or didn’t do — he will do the opposite. If he doesn’t, his base of anti-Trump hysterics will have his head on a pike.

But maybe that’s a good thing, right? Maybe we should put science in charge and let the government take over our lives, telling us when we can go outside, when we need to stay indoors, and when to close our businesses.

After all, Biden is the “expert,” isn’t he?


During a debate with Donald Trump last month, Joe Biden said “the expectation is we’ll have another 200,000 Americans dead [from COVID-19] between now and the end of the year.” That implied a total U.S. death toll of about 423,000 by January 1. The current total is around 242,000. Biden’s projection therefore suggests that COVID-19 will kill more than 3,600 Americans a day between now and the end of the year, compared to the current seven-day average of fewer than 1,100.

That is not likely to happen. The “ensemble forecast” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on projections from “45 modeling groups,” puts the death toll at 250,000 to 266,000 by November 28. Assuming that estimate is in the right ballpark, Biden is projecting at least another 157,000 deaths from November 29 through December 31, or nearly 4,800 a day. That’s more than four times the current seven-day average and more than twice the April 21 peak.

There are two ways a president can enter office. He can look to inspire people to work together or he can gin up fear so that people will do as the government says. Joe Biden obviously doesn’t think we’re frightened enough about the coronavirus. If we were as frightened as he is, everyone would wear masks, lock ourselves in our houses, be terrified to go shopping, and most importantly, not protest these vital and necessary measures taken by the government to keep us safe. Sit down, shut up, and put your mask on, clown.

Given the ongoing rise in daily new cases, we can expect the daily death toll to continue going up as well, although not by nearly as much as Biden anticipated. That much should have been apparent from the experience with this summer’s infection spike, which did not lead to a proportional spike in deaths.

The fact that Biden predicted more than three times as many daily COVID-19 deaths as we are currently seeing does not bode well for his approach to the pandemic. All government interventions aimed at curtailing infections, ranging from mask mandates to lockdowns, have costs. Those costs need to be weighed against the likely benefits, which depend on what would have happened otherwise. Biden’s scaremongering puts a big thumb on one side of the scale.

There’s probably a happy medium of government response to the pandemic between Trump’s hands-off approach and Biden’s proposed knee on the neck. But Biden isn’t interested in a “happy” anything. He needs the fear in order to create a crisis atmosphere so he and the radicals can spend trillions of dollars more telling people it’s for their own good.

Another nationwide shutdown means more stimulus for everyone. Whether a shutdown is even necessary won’t be debated because those who oppose it will be branded as “anti-science.” The fearmongers are about to take over and debates aren’t likely to slow them down.

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