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Democrats Get Hysterical Over Pro-Trump Caravan Following Biden's Bus in Texas

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This is a fitting end to a campaign that will one day be seen as a mental health experiment on Democrats that went seriously awry.

Ever since Donald Trump won in 2016, Democrats across the nation have been in the throes of a mental health crisis. They had a serious case of denial of reality when Trump won — refusing to believe that Hillary Clinton lost legitimately — and proceeding to cook-up the most fantastical conspiracy theory in modern political history: that Donald Trump was a traitor to the United States of America because the Russians helped him win.

The preposterous nature of the charge seemed to feed the Democrat’s frenzy. Anything became possible in a world with Trump as president. Dark forces were loosed upon the land. There were enemies everywhere — white supremacists, patriots, hard-looking men with guns, Nazis, kluxers, and — worst of all — Republicans. Democrats convinced themselves in their delusions that it was up to them to “save America.” That’s very nice, I’m sure, but save us from exactly what?

Even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s $20 million investigation concluded otherwise, that “Russia! Russia! Russia!” narrative has expanded and continues to feed on the paranoia, the emotional hysteria, and the denial of Democrats. Every single charge they’ve made, every warning they’ve given about Trump’s “dictatorship” and “the end of democracy” has proven to be nothing more than the hysterical rantings of mentally ill people. No journalists have gone to jail. No newspapers have been shut down. No TV networks have gone dark. No websites have been shuttered. No loss of freedom of speech — except for the right-wing that dares counter the paranoid narrative of Trump as Hitler.

Democrats need a gigantic intervention. No more proof is necessary than what happened in Texas with a campaign bus belonging to Joe Biden.

About 50 pro-Trump cars and trucks began to follow the Biden campaign bus on I-35 in Texas. They honked. They cheered Trump and jeered Biden. They were participating in a demonstration of support for Donald Trump.

This, apparently, was too much for Democrats. Someone on the bus called 9-1-1.

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“Waiting to ambush” the bus? Are you kidding me? And don’t you think that calling 911 on a bunch of cars and trucks sitting alongside the road is just a little hysterical?

“Democracy dies” on a stretch of road in Texas because…why?

Were Trump “Brownshirts” interrupting anything? And whose fault is it that the paranoia and quaking fear of the Biden people over absolutely nothing led to the precipitous and unnecessary canceling of the rest of the tour?

Dr. Cervini’s hysterical, paranoid narrative of what happened has now become…history.

Texas Tribune:

Cervini told the Tribune that when he arrived in San Marcos, he started to hear from people on the bus that the Trump supporters had started following them closely, honking their horns and shouting. According to the Biden campaign, multiple trucks pulled in front of the bus and appeared to try to slow it down. The campaign canceled the event in San Marcos and proceeded directly to Austin where another event was scheduled at the AFL-CIO in downtown Austin.

A person with knowledge of the events who spoke to the Tribune on the condition of anonymity said New Braunfels police responded to requests for assistance and provided an escort throughout their jurisdiction. During that time, the person said, the group of Trump supporters fell back behind the police.

If nothing else, the Trump supporters were enthusiastic, not hostile.

The police say they saw no traffic violations and allowed the caravan to continue.

Naomi Narvaiz, a Texas Republican Party official in San Marcos, said Trump supporters formed the convoy after learning of the bus’s movements up the interstate on Facebook from fellow supporters in San Antonio.

“We decided we would jump on 35 to show support for our president,” she said. “I didn’t see anyone being overly aggressive.”

Only in the diseased minds of hysterical Democrats was anyone being “aggressive.”

It used to be the job of propagandists to paint the opposition and their supporters as “dangerous” and unbalanced. Now we have an entire media superstructure that feeds that lie daily — even hourly. It has resulted in Democrats getting terrified at the idea of Trump supporters gathering at all — at polling places, opposition rallies, pro-police demonstrations. The press may see themselves as “saving the republic” from Donald Trump and his “white supremacist” supporters.

But by selling their souls to the Democratic Party and the radical fringe, they have sown the seeds of tyranny — and of their own destruction.

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