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Chicago Mayor Signs Executive Order Giving Illegal Aliens Access to City's Coronavirus Relief Programs

Lori Lightfoot speaks at her election night party Tuesday, April 2, 2019, in Chicago. Lori Lightfoot elected Chicago mayor, making her the first African-American woman to lead the city. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed an executive order that gives illegal aliens access to several city programs that were created for coronavirus relief.

Illegals will now be eligible for housing assistance, online educational resources from public schools, and a small business loan program. Chicago is a sanctuary city that does not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement efforts.

Daily Caller:

“This order is more than just an official decree, it is a statement of our values as a city and as Americans,” the Democratic mayor said during the press conference.

“Since COVID-19 first reached our city’s doorstep, we have been working around the clock to ensure all our residents are secure and supported, including our immigrant and refugee communities, who are among the most vulnerable to the impact of this pandemic,” Lightfoot continued.

Democrats in Congress wanted stimulus checks to go to illegal immigrants and other non-resident aliens. Lightfoot has gone them one better, handing out benefits to illegals with no social security numbers. How is the city going to account for the money going out?

When moral posturing is at stake, anything goes.

“Not all of Chicago’s residents qualify for federal stimulus checks, state unemployment insurance or other economic assistance due to their documentation status,” (22nd ward alderman Michael) Rodriguez said. “These Chicagoans are vital community members who work in various industries and help our great city to thrive every day.”

“These Chicagoans are our family members, co-workers, neighbors and friends. I applaud the Mayor for standing with undocumented individuals and families to ensure their eligibility for any economic assistance offered by the City of Chicago during this global pandemic,” he added.

I’m surprised Lightfoot hasn’t come up with a program to allow gangbangers and thugs to get housing assistance.

In the press release announcing the good news for illegals, Lightfoot bragged about what she’s done for the illegal alien community in the city, including:

Passed the Accountability on Communication and Transparency (ACT) Ordinance, which officially terminates ICE’s access to Chicago Police Department databases related to civil immigration enforcement activities and reaffirms the City’s commitment not to cooperate with or facilitate any ICE effort to target Chicago’s immigrant families.

How proud she must be.

When your “values” don’t include enforcing the law against illegal entry into the United States, and refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities — even to get violent criminals off your streets — then I’d say you got some screwed up sense of values.