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AZ House Passes Bill Banning Transgender Female Athletes from Competing in Girls Sports

AZ House Passes Bill Banning Transgender Female Athletes from Competing in Girls Sports
(AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb)

The Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban transgender females from participating in girls’ sports. They call it the “Save Women’s Sports Act” but what it will do is guarantee that female sports will become the next huge legal battleground in the culture wars.

Some lawmakers fear the lawsuits sure to be filed will force many schools not to field any sports teams at all.

ABC News:

Barto cited the biological differences between males and females from lung capacity and muscle mass to testosterone levels that she said give men “an undeniable physical advantage over women in sports.”

“That is why we have separated male and female sports. And that is why women have been so successful in achieving greatness on the field, and all the benefits that go with it,” Barto continued. “What has changed is Interscholastic policies allowing biological males identifying as females to compete on women’s teams.”

The bill would apply to K-12, community college and universities’ female teams.

Not surprisingly, opponents of the bill refused to deal with the reality of unfair competition.

So let’s talk about landlords who refuse to rent to men dressed like women or companies that refuse to hire them, not that some girls work and sweat for years only to see a biological male who couldn’t make the cut on a boys team take their place.

Some lawmakers feared that the law would become so litigated that schools may decide not to field any sports teams at all.

During the hearing, Democratic Rep. Kirsten Engel said, “The impact will not be to protect women’s sports, instead it’s gonna make women’s sports a total battleground of lawsuits.”

“It’s gonna bring people out of the corners of the field to cast accusations — the liability here is so broad that I have very severe concerns that some schools will find some excuse to — simply not have games,” she added.

So the bill shouldn’t be passed because it doesn’t deal with discrimination in housing for transgenders and it may become too much of a burden for schools. What other non-issues could opponents throw up to distract from the real issue?

The issue is competition and fairness. It’s strange that a party and ideology that worships at the altar of “fairness” should back unfair and unjust rules just to accommodate the notion of political correctness.