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Trump Angrily Denounces 'Weak Leadership' in Two Assassination Attempts on NYC Police

Trump Angrily Denounces 'Weak Leadership' in Two Assassination Attempts on NYC Police
(Image via New York City PD)

The New York City Police Department is reeling after two assassination attempts several hours apart wounded two officers.

In the first incident, a suspect approached a parked patrol car and, after asking for directions, opened fire, slightly wounding one officer. The attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Then at around 8 am Sunday, a suspect, Robert Williams, who is believed to be the same man who shot into the patrol car, walked into a precinct and opened fire.

Fox News:

The gunman walked into the precinct and immediately pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired several rounds toward the desk area where several uniformed officers were standing, Shea said. A lieutenant was struck in his upper left arm. He returned fire but did not strike the suspect.

The gunman then continued to fire multiple rounds “at point-blank range” into a room filled with officers and a civilian member of the department, but did not hit any in the room, Shea said.

Only after running out of bullets did the gunman lay down on the ground and surrender, police officials said, adding that the suspect has a lengthy and violent criminal history.

Tests are currently being conducted on the gun to try and come up with a ballistics match that would tie the precinct attacker to the attack on the patrol car.

In 2002, the suspect, who has not been identified, was convicted of attempted murder after shooting a man in an incident that led to a subsequent carjacking and gunfight with police officers, officials said. He was paroled in 2017.

President Trump did not let the opportunity pass without criticizing the anti-police sentiment fostered at the top of city and state politics.

The police union chief wholeheartedly agrees.

“It is a double miracle that we are not preparing for two funerals right now,” PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement. “These targeted attacks are exactly what we have warned against, again and again. The hatred and violence directed at cops continues to grow. Good luck and kind words are not enough to keep police officers or the public safe. Our elected officials need to start listening to us and working with us — not against us — to fix the deteriorating environment on our streets.”

When politicians take the side of street thugs against the police, what else are we to expect? No doubt, Mr. Taylor will be seen as a hero to many in New York. And the danger is his actions may spawn copycat attacks where a police officer is likely to get killed.

As the job of police officers gets more and more difficult, as more and more strictures are placed on their behavior and actions as officers of the law, the criminals will have an easier time preying on innocent people.

But, at least their “rights” will be secure.