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It's Who You Know: Biden's Niece Avoids Jail in Credit Card Scam

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s niece pleaded guilty in a credit card scheme that involved more than $100,000 in fraudulent charges, but she isn’t going to spend a day in jail.

Caroline Biden agreed to pay back the $110,810 she stole from a New York pharmacy over the course of a year after pleading guilty to charges of grand larceny and petit larceny. If she makes restitution and keeps her nose clean, she can go back to court, plead to a lesser charge, and in exchange, will receive two years probation.

New York Post:

But she’ll stay out of jail even if she fails to live up to the plea deal, instead getting sentenced on the felony larceny to five years probation.

Defense lawyer Ira London declined to comment.

Biden was also in Manhattan Criminal Court in 2014, on charges of resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and harassment stemming from a dustup with her Tribeca roommate.

In that case, the silver-spoon Georgetown University graduate was accused of taking a swing at a female cop who responded in Sept. 2013 to a drag out fight over unpaid rent between Biden and her roommate.

“I shouldn’t be handcuffed!” cops said Biden railed at the time. “You don’t know who you’re doing this to!”

She was given another sweetheart deal in that case: a promise that the charges would be dismissed if she stayed out of trouble for six months.

The charges were eventually dismissed and sealed.

Biden didn’t even have to show up in court to get that deal — her then-lawyer James Liguori told another Manhattan judge that she was serving her second rehab stint at Caron Renaissance Ocean Drive, a posh inpatient facility in Delray Beach, Fla.

She was there for “anger management,” her lawyer told the judge. The facility only treats anger in the context of a broader drug addiction treatment, the facility told The Post at the time.

Biden at the time had suffered from booze and pill addiction issues, friends told The Post then.

“The pressure of being Joe Biden’s niece made her totally unravel,” pal Paul Johnson Calderon told The Post in Sept. 2013. “It’s a desire for attention, a cry for help. She’s a very complicated girl who has a lot of feelings and a lot of issues.”

In the new credit card case, Biden had borrowed the unidentified victim’s Chase credit card in order to make a single purchase at Bigelow totaling $672. Instead, between April 5, 2015 and June 24, 2016, she admittedly went on a buying binge.

She was arrested and arraigned on May 5, and Friday was her second court appearance.

Caroline’s father, James Biden Sr., is the financier brother of the vice president.

In America, justice is hardly blind and it doesn’t favor white or black. The color of justice in America is green, as in greenbacks, and if you can pay the price — and the right attorney/messenger to deliver it — you can get away with murder (right, OJ?).

“The pressure of being Joe Biden’s niece”? I can just imagine the pressure of being Joe Biden’s cousin twice removed, or the daughter of his dog walker.

So let’s all feel sorry for poor little Caroline, born to a famous uncle, saddled with more money than a normal human being knows how to spend, and issuing a “cry for help” by ripping off a friend for $100,000.

We should all be so lucky.