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Obama Will Wave His Magic Wand and Create a New Race of Humans

How powerful is President Obama? He’s so powerful that he can create another race of human beings simply by declaring it into existence.

USA Today:

The White House is putting forward a proposal to add a new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa under what would be the biggest realignment of federal racial definitions in decades.

If approved, the new designation could appear on census forms in 2020 and could have far-reaching implications for racial identity, anti-discrimination laws and health research.

Under current law, people from the Middle East are considered white, the legacy of century-old court rulings in which Syrian Americans argued that they should not be considered Asian — because that designation would deny them citizenship under the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. But scholars and community leaders say more and more people with their roots in the Middle East find themselves caught between white, black and Asian classifications that don’t fully reflect their identities.

“What it does is it helps these communities feel less invisible,” said Helen Samhan of the Arab American Institute, which has been advocating the change for more than 30 years. “It’s a good step, a positive step.”

On Friday, the White House Office of Management and Budget advanced the proposal with a notice in the Federal Register, seeking comments on whether to add Middle Eastern and North African as a separate racial or ethnic category, which groups would be included, and what it should be called.

Under the proposal, the new Middle East and North African designation — or MENA, as it’s called by population scholars — is broader in concept than Arab (an ethnicity) or Muslim (a religion). It would include anyone from a region of the world stretching from Morocco to Iran, and including Syrian and Coptic Christians, Israeli Jews and other religious minorities.

“Race” just isn’t what it used to be. “Race” used to mean skin color — black, white, red, yellow. But most scientists have rejected what they call “essentialism,” or classifying humans by physical traits. Now, what we used to refer to as “ethnicity” can sometimes be a race.

Arabs don’t want to be considered “white” for political reasons and reasons having to do with the census, which divvies up many government goodies based on “race.” As far as politics is concerned, Arabs can now proudly display their victimhood, claiming oppression at the hands of evil white men. And as a new “protected” minority, they can take advantage of affirmative action, minority set-asides, and the alphabet soup of federal programs only available to favored groups.

The balkanization of  America continues apace as the government divides us into ever smaller groups, the better to control us.