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Republican Party Not Melting Down Fast Enough for Mitch McConnell

Apparently, the Republican Party isn’t melting down fast enough for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, so he’s decided to speed the process along by telling senators running for re-election that they can run ads against Donald Trump if they think it will do any good.

The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is advising vulnerable Republican senators to break with Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination, according to a bombshell New York Times report Saturday.

McConnell has reportedly advised Republicans that they can run ads against Trump to create separation from the polarizing GOP frontrunner if they believe it can help their reelection efforts.

The majority leader is also preparing to pitch the Senate as a necessary check to an inevitable Hillary Clinton presidency if Trump is the GOP’s nominee, according to the Times.

Republicans risk losing their 54-46 Senate majority with several vulnerable incumbents up for re-election this year. Republican analysts and pollsters have predicted dire consequences for Republican legislators if Trump wins the GOP nomination, stifling their re-election chances.

Republican senators including McConnell have lashed out privately against 2016 candidate John Kasich’s continued presence, arguing his “intransigence” is blocking Republicans from uniting behind an anti-Trump,” according to the Times.

Trump has won three of the four first presidential primaries and leads in most states voting on Super Tuesday, which could virtually cement his lead.

Dear GOP Senators: You will lose more Republican votes by trashing Trump than you would gain. And Democrats who vote for Trump wouldn’t vote for you anyway.

In short, you will only make yourself more vulnerable if you listen to idiot McConnell.

I’ve never heard the like of it. GOP politicians distanced themselves from Nixon right before he resigned, but has there ever been a case where politicians backed away from their own nominee for president? The GOP is dissolving right before our eyes and could collapse in a heap after the 2016 election debacle that’s coming.

One good thing about Trump winning the nomination: McConnell will go back to being an obscure minority leader. Perhaps he’ll even be pushed out. Then he can give his ridiculous political advice to Democrats.`