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Imbecilic Students Want to Rename 'Lynch Hall' Because of Racial Overtones

When I first read this headline –“Students Demand Building Called ‘Lynch’ Be Renamed Because of Racial Overtones” — I wracked my brain trying to think of some southerner named “Lynch” who might have been a Kluxer or maybe a Confederate general.

But no, the subject of the article is even nuttier than that. It seems that some wilting flowers at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania are demanding that “Lynch Hall” be renamed because of the microaggression committed by the word “lynch.”

The building was named after a former college president, Clyde Lynch, who successfully brought the school through the depression and a world war. Not too bad an accomplishment, even for a dead white guy. But in this case, Mr. Lynch’s lack of commitment to the agenda of Black Lives Matter is not the issue. It’s his name — and the deliberate, wacky misinterpretation of its meaning by students.

Students want school officials to either rename the building entirely or add Lynch’s first name and middle initial, saying the word recalls the public executions of black men by white mobs in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

It was included on a list of demands that students presented to the school on Friday. Other demands include a more diverse curriculum, more sensitivity training for staff and regular surveys of the racial climate on campus.

School spokesman Marty Parkes said Tuesday that President Lewis Thayne is considering all of the demands and will address them at a forum next month.

Calling Lynch a “very important figure” in the history of the college, Parkes said officials want to avoid “doing anything that would denigrate his memory or his legacy here.”

They’ve already done that by actually taking these “demands” seriously. I can imagine old President Lynch would have cast a baleful glance at these “students” and ordered them out of his office while ripping up their silly attempt to throw their weight around.

But his successor isn’t made of the same stuff — more like jello with marshmallows. Jazz Shaw casts his own baleful glance at the morons:

The really frightening part of this story is that the school administration released a statement saying they are “considering all of the demands and will address them at a forum next month.” The other demands include “sensitivity training” for the faculty and regular surveys of the racial climate on campus. I’m unsure how the college plans to conduct such surveys other than handing out anonymous forms asking if anyone feels uncomfortable or aggrieved. Given the tone of most of the special snowflakes attending our houses of higher learning these days they’ll probably get a 100% dissatisfaction rating in response.

The sad part is that the students will probably succeed and the college will waste even more of it’s money ripping out Lynch’s name and modifying it somehow. And why wouldn’t the students expect to prevail? They’re managing to bully their way into running the show at other colleges across the nation.

Does this mean that Attorney General Loretta Lynch is going to have to change her name? We must give into the demands of Black Lives Matter and eradicate the word “lynch” from the English language. And just think of all the “Lynches” that no one will be able to study in school.

I think all buildings and monuments named “King” should be renamed because so many Americans lost their lives in the Revolutionary War fighting King George, that the pain caused by even uttering the word is unbearable. The word “King” evokes sharp memories of Americans being oppressed by a tyrant. In fact, every time I hear the word, I break into tears, recalling the sacrifices of our countrymen.

Yes, that’s a ridiculous, stupid idea – at least, normal people would recognize it as such. But the creatures at Lebanon Valley College are not normal people. They are besotted with ideology and racial animus and are being enabled by a weak, fearful school administration that should have publicly torn up those “demands” and suspended the students for being too stupid to attend any college in America.

You might think that this is the height – or depths – of political correctness. But I imagine we won’t have too long to wait before somebody somewhere does something even more outrageously stupid.