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The Satanic Temple to Fight for Reproductive Rights on Valentine's Day

Refinery 29, a left-wing, millennial “news” site, is reporting that the Satanic Temple will hold a special event on Valentine’s Day to fight for reproductive rights. Refinery 29 describes it as “the good fight.”


The fundraiser is an “initiative to raise money to fight against Missouri’s mandatory abortion waiting periods.”

Here are the details of the event:

On February 14, the Temple is seeking participants to get sponsors to pledge money for every kiss and/or hug they receive on that day. Participants will write down each sponsor’s name as well as the amount of money the sponsor is donating, and collect money from their sponsors after Valentine’s Day to be sent to the Satanic Temple via PayPal, check, or money order.

But don’t get too friendly. “Be polite and respectful at all times,” the protocol reads. “As a participant, you are asking another person to hug or kiss you, which is designed to assure that contact is consensual. If a person shows no interest; move on immediately. Persistent requests are a form of harassment. You might want to present a person you approach with a Satanic Valentine’s card as means to courteously explain the event.”


The “Hugs and Kisses for Satan” fundraiser will help support the Satanic Temple’s lawsuits filed against the state of Missouri. The Temple has filed a suit on behalf of a member “Mary Doe” who had to wait 72 hours to terminate her pregnancy.

“The Temple objects to these restrictions on religious grounds because they violate the Temple’s belief in the inviolability of one’s body,” said the press release.

The “Hugs and Kisses for Satan” fundraiser is only the first among many for the Temple, which hopes to become more socially active. The Temple is also looking to hold a “My Blood Valentine” blood drive next year.

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