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Military Vet Congressmen Introduce Bill to Draft Women

At the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing earlier this week, two top officials from the military testified that women should have to register for the draft.

“I think that all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

NPR writes that both “Milley and Marine Gen. Robert Neller said women, like men, should be required to register for the Selective Service at age 18.”

The hearing was focused on how to implement the new policy that allows women in all positions, including front-line combat roles.

Not everyone in the military brass agreed about drafting women:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said, “This needs to be looked at as part of a national debate, given the changed circumstances.” Army Acting Secretary Patrick Murphy also called for a debate about women and the draft.

On Thursday, two Republican congressmen introduced legislation that would force women to register for the draft.

Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Ryan Zinke of Montana announced Thursday that the legislation is aimed at provoking a fuller discussion of the Pentagon’s decision to open all combat jobs to women.

The bill isn’t designed to be taken at face value.

Hunter and Zinke say the decision ignores research from the Marine Corps and special operations forces. They also say the decision was made without considering whether women should be drafted and potentially serve on the front lines.

Hunter says it’s unfortunate the Draft America’s Daughters Act had to be introduced and he might even vote against his own bill.

Hunter served in the Marine Corps with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Zinke is a former Navy SEAL.