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What Happened to the PJM Liveblog?

As many of our regular readers have noticed, there is no PJM liveblog today. It is with a twinge of sadness that I announce we’ve decided to discontinue the daily liveblog for now and direct our focus to other areas of the site. When we decided to launch the liveblog (originally called Hot Mic), the idea was to build a community where our contributors could sound off on the news of the day and our readers could talk back to us in the comments. We’ve all enjoyed those interactions immensely, and we’re so thankful for our faithful readers who dropped by every day to join the conversation. Unfortunately, keeping it up all day, five days a week, was very labor-intensive and we just don’t have the bandwidth right now to keep it going.

We do plan to continue Liz Sheld’s popular Morning Briefing to get you caught up on the news when you check in with PJM every day. Look for it near the top of the home page first thing in the morning, Monday through Friday. And Stephen Green will be dedicating more time to his VodkaPundit blog, so you can keep track of him there.

We do hope to bring the daily liveblog back full-time at some point in the future — I still really love the concept. In the meantime, we plan to fire it up again any time there’s a major event or big breaking news story — the Dem debate Drunkblogs are going to be lit. 

Thanks to all our regular liveblog regular readers. We’ve truly enjoyed our conversations with you and hope to see you in the comments elsewhere on the site.

Paula Bolyard, Managing Editor

P.S. I’m always glad to hear from our readers. You can find my email in the “About” section of the site.