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Kavanaugh’s Hearing Shows Why Modern Feminists Are Failing

Protesters dressed in The Handmaid's Tale costumes, protest outside the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh September 4, 2018 in Washington, DC..(Photo by Olivier Douliery/ Abaca Press, Sipa via AP Images)

For the last two days, feminist protesters have been wreaking havoc at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Before the hearings began on Tuesday, one group of feminists waited outside the room dressed in garb straight out of A Handmaid’s Tale. During the hearings, several feminists hollered and interrupted to the point where they had to be excused. Today, the screeching — in short bursts throughout the day — continued.

The fact that feminists showed up at Kavanaugh’s hearing just to shriek, holler, and interrupt and are broadcasting these acts is not brave but disingenuous and shows a deep lack of respect, knowledge, and perspective not only for the current processes at work in the judiciary but for feminism as a whole. In short, decades worth of lobbying for equal rights has led modern feminists to this moment: Showing up at the rather normal hearing of a rather qualified person in a costume shouting like a lunatic. It is laughable, it is absurd, and this is why it’s failing.

Don’t get me wrong: Feminists of yore did utilize picketing, marches, and even civil disobedience — particularly the women responsible for the women’s suffrage movement. That was effective. The women who led that movement were loud but focused, disobedient but driven. They purposed toward a collective, higher purpose that included equal rights for women, a noble calling. This worked and women today are forever grateful to our predecessors for this brave effort.

The feminist movement today is more focused on vilifying men as misogynists and predators — the Kavanaugh hearing is a case in point. Kavanaugh is well-qualified but the hate these women have for him —  because he is a man and because they perceive he will strip them of their “reproductive rights” —  outweighs any logic, purpose, or nobility. Feminists at the hearing are not fighting inequality, oppression, or abuse: They are interrupting what should be a civil process because they don’t like the person at the center of the issue. Their “ideology” has blinded their purpose and so their protests are not only misguided but pointless.