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[EXCLUSIVE] Susan Sarandon on Which Candidate Stands the Best Chance of Beating Trump

(Image credit: Nicholas Ballasy)

WASHINGTON — Actress and activist Susan Sarandon said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) “stands the best chance” of beating President Trump in the general election, arguing that he is the “strongest candidate” in the Democratic field on climate change.

“He’s the strongest candidate for climate change — strongest candidate in terms of climate emergency and he’s the largest grassroots movement that deals with that — all the kids, people of color, and I think he stands the best chance to beat the man who will not be named that’s in the office right now,” Sarandon said during an interview on Friday after the Fire Drill Friday protest with actress and activist Jane Fonda.

Sarandon was asked about polls showing former Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg with a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

“I don’t think they stand a good chance at getting the nomination. You don’t get the nomination without people of color and minorities and kids and they don’t have those, so no, I don’t agree,” she said. “They may have the machine. They may have money, but it’s top money, it’s not a deep army that Bernie has.”

She continued, “There’s so many kids — so many people that felt that they weren’t being listened to in the last election that now are putting everything on Bernie and those are new people and that’s how he’s going to win.”

Sarandon revealed that she’s campaigning for Sanders in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine in the coming days.

Hollywood celebrities Joaquin Phoenix, Martin Sheen, and Sarandon were arrested on the front steps of the Capitol building during the protest, which marked the last of Fonda’s weekly demonstrations in Washington.

Sarandon referred to the series of protests as a “movement to save our planet.”

When asked what lifestyle changes she’s making as a way to combat climate change, Sarandon said, “I’m building a house that’s completely off the grid, solar and geothermal. I don’t drive and I don’t eat meat, so those count, right?”