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Congressman Calls for Investigation of Hustler Christmas Card Depicting Assassination of Trump

AP Photo / Pablo Martinez

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) called for the U.S. Secret Service to investigate a Christmas card that Hustler Magazine sent to members of Congress which contained an illustration of President Trump being assassinated.

“Here’s all you need to know about the radical Left. A young staffer of mine opened this in a stack of holiday mail today. Just imagine if a conservative had distributed such a disgusting and hateful piece about a Democrat. I hope this will be investigated by the @secretservice,” Johnson wrote on Twitter with photos of the card.

Johnson was interviewed by Fox News on Sunday about the card.

“There’s a fine line between hyperbole and the violent, the graphic depiction of someone’s violent death,” Johnson said. “I believe in free speech. We all do. I used to defend it in the courts for 20 years but again there are some certain lines over which we shouldn’t cross. I think in politics the vitriol needs to be turned own a little bit. I mean, this is getting pretty out of hand.”