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Congressman: Democrats Have Wanted to Impeach Trump 'Since He Was Inaugurated'

Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, asks questions to former special counsel Robert Mueller, as he testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) said many House Democrats have wanted to impeach President Donald Trump since his inauguration but argued that Trump’s handling of Ukraine was not an abuse of power.

“You know, 63 million Americans voted for this president and I think to a considerable degree it is overturning an election that he won fair and square,” Chabot said during an interview before the House voted to impeach Trump on Wednesday evening. “They tried to come up with this Russian collusion hoax, which the Mueller report said ‘not true’ but a lot of them wanted to impeach him since he was inaugurated.”

Chabot said he disagrees with the articles of impeachment brought forth against Trump in the House.

“I think it was the president’s responsibility to make sure that if there was corruption going on that we not give money to a country where that corruption is occurring and so I think the president had every right to do exactly what he did,” Chabot said in the interview. “Now, I wouldn’t necessarily have put it exactly the way he put it with the [Ukrainian] president but the president of Ukraine indicated that there was no pressure on him so I tend to agree with our president and their president.”