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Democrat Who Voted Against Impeaching Clinton Sees a ‘Remarkable Difference’ With Trump’s Impeachment

WASHINGTON – Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), who voted against the articles of impeachment brought forth against former President Bill Clinton, said there’s a “remarkable difference” between that situation and the impeachment of President Trump.

In 1998, DeLauro referred to Clinton’s impeachment as “constitutional assassination” by the GOP majority in the House at the time. DeLauro was asked on Wednesday if she feels the same way about Trump’s impeachment.

“President Clinton, over a personal sexual matter, was found to have lied about that and was impeached for obstruction of justice. On the other hand, President Trump has been found with overwhelming evidence to violate the Constitution by abusing his office and trying to involve a foreign country into our election process by holding hostage, bribing President Zelensky, with aid,” DeLauro said ahead of the House vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday.

“There is a remarkable difference in these two actions. President Trump violated the oath of his office — violated the Constitution. I am here to uphold the Constitution. I take that oath and I will vote to impeach Donald Trump,” she added.