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Schumer: Hunter Biden Testifying in Senate Impeachment Trial Would Be a 'Distraction'

Schumer: Hunter Biden Testifying in Senate Impeachment Trial Would Be a 'Distraction'
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. (YouTube Screen capture)

WASHINGTON — Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, shouldn’t testify in a Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Hunter was reportedly paid $50,000 per month for serving on the board of directors of the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings in Ukraine while his father was serving as vice president in the Obama administration.

“He’s a distraction,” Schumer said on Monday during a CNN interview. “The American people want to know of each of us as senators, do we want all the facts to come out in this proceeding, whatever we think of President Trump, or do we want to be engaged in a cover-up?”

Schumer wants to hear from four witnesses during a trial, including Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff; Robert Blair, senior adviser to the acting White House chief of staff; Michael Duffey, associate director for national security at the Office of Management and Budget; and John Bolton, former national security adviser.

“I don’t know what they’ll say. Maybe they’ll say something exculpatory about President Trump,” he said, adding that executive privilege would not prevent Mulvaney from testifying.

When asked if he would support Hunter Biden testifying in exchange for those four witnesses, Schumer replied, “the American people would see that as a total distraction.”