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Climate Change Protestors 'Shut Down' D.C. Streets, Increase Carbon Emissions

WASHINGTON — Climate change protestors from “Shut Down DC” blocked intersections in the district on Monday morning, causing gridlock in the city and increasing carbon emissions.

A post on the “DCMediaGroup” Twitter account read, “Snarled traffic throughout downtown WashingtonDC. Here @DemoSocialists shut NJ Ave. #ClimateAction.”

“Drivers are irate at 9th St and Mount Vernon Ave where #ExtinctionRebellion is blocking with banners. #ShutDownDC,” another tweet on the “DCMediaGroup” account read.

The protestors held signs that read “Capitalism is Killing The Planet,” “Green New Deal” and “Bezos Earns Our Planet Burns.”

Twitter users pointed out that the protestors are actually raising emissions by blocking traffic.

Some supporters of the protest did not agree with the approach.

Some D.C. residents took to Twitter to voice their frustration with the protestors.

“#ShutDownDC–c’mon guys, there are literally dozens of environmental nonprofits with offices in DC. We’re just trying to get to workkkkkkkk,” wrote user @ruffian_red.

Another user @sasquasages wrote, “Everyone at #ShutDownDC… get a job.”

User @UndeadDad tweeted, “I’m sure @realDonaldTrump thanks you for your tireless efforts in getting him a second term. #ShutDownDC.”

“Thanks #ShutDownDC for all the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who couldn’t make it to their a.m. appointments,” wrote Twitter user @kristinleigh_93.